Spring Photography

Hello everyone! I’m very happy that the weather is now warm. I despise cold weather…brr! Now that the buds are blossoming and the grass is green, I set out to take some photos!


I love this one! It was taken during Golden Hour. Bokeh! 😀


I like this one too!


Scratch that – I like them all! (Hehe!) XD


Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed!

~Grace ❤

(I’ll get a signature up soon 🙂 )


10 thoughts on “Spring Photography

  1. Wha? I thought I FOLLOWED YOU. Humph.
    Oh well, lovely photos! 😀 I never really think to take photos in the golden hour for some reason… :/ I love the one of the temple bells! (that’s what the flowers in the third picture are, right? )

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehe, don’t worry about it! 😀 Thank you! Yeah, I usually don’t either, but I’m trying to remember to. I’m usually gone to activities when Golden Hours comes around. 🙂
      Thanks! Actually, they’re blueberries, but they look a lot like temple bells! 🙂


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