AGH! How can BIBPC be almost over?!?!

Anyhoo, the category was Flowers. Ahh…I just love taking photos of flowers! This is my favorite category so far. 🙂

Let’s get onto the picture!


^^^this is the photo I’m entering for BIBPC^^^

As you can see Megan, I got a bird! Yay!

Story time!
Flowers are in such abundance right now, and I’m so so so so so happy Megan picked them as the category. I went outside, determined to get a photo of a bird. For a while I just experimented with lighting, MF, etc., and also trying to stalk slowly creep up upon the birds. A robin flew up in the dogwood tree, and I snapped a few pictures from different angles. Thank you to my camera for the awesome zoom! XD 😛

Here are a few others:


Thanks so much Megan!


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