Hey guys! Sorry for double posting…I really need to get this entered.

Here’s the next challenge of CWWC! WOOOOOO KEEPERS!!! WE ARE WINNING THIS COMPETITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also used the three prompts from challenge 1 of CWWC – I get more points if I do so.


Writing prompt:

A wrinkled cardboard box sits in the corner of my small, bare bedroom. Its brown side with scribbled words stares up at me, plaguing my thoughts.

My heart rips in two as I read the side of the box.

Bad memories. Do not open.

Even though I don’t open it, the memories flood my mind. I’ve done so many things; and hurt so many people.

I am a Ferryman, a protector of the mirrors. Mirrors are passages to fantastic worlds, guarded by creatures called The Ferrymen. We Ferrymen must guard the mirrors, protecting them from anyone who dares to enter without permission. We must protect the mirrors, no matter the price.

My thoughts fill with the many people I have left hurt. I see a girl entering the mirror to the world of dragons. As I watch her, she climbs up on a stone bridge, opening a book which she carries. She is met by a small dragon with beautiful ruby skin. The girl begins to read the book to the dragon, her words flowing from her lips like gentle music.

A young boy comes to the mirrors, in search of his mother. His brown hair is matted with dirt and his sad brown eyes gaze up at me. His eyes stream with tears, as he asks me if I know where his mother was.

A girl with tangled red hair claims she is on a quest to save her homeland. I catch her illegally trying to visit the human world, and tell her to go home. She is strong and not easily defeated; I have to break the mirror, leaving her lying on the pavement in a heap of broken glass.

I wipe the tears from my eyes. All of these people had suffered the same fate: I have driven them off, ensuring they would never return to the mirrors. I had completed my duty as a Ferryman, but I had left many people hurt and broken.


Lastly I see a girl alone in a classroom, staring out the window at the wintry scene outside. The girl rests her head on the desk, her soft sobs fill the room.

I realize with a sob of my own that the girl is a younger version of me.


I need help.

I need to right my wrongs.

I need a hero; so that’s what I’ll become.


Honestly I’m not sure what to think of this one. I felt kinda rushed…and I’m not sure how I  like it. What do you think?


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