Hellooo! I’m here again with #5 of CWWC! This challenge was SO much fun…I really love my piece I wrote.

The prompts:

Loren, here you are!



The world is not the same. It hasn’t been for a long time.

I am one of the few who remembers the world before the war. Even fewer remember life when it was simple, with more community and little technology. But for most, the war is all they can remember.

Every day I pass three little girls who sit at the very bottom of the winding staircase. They sit, their heads cradled in their hands, waiting. That’s all anyone ever does; wait. The elders sit in glider chairs that glide back and forth across the floor. They remember the ancient times of the 22nd century. I’ve hear them speak of those times, when the world was peaceful and prosperous.  Yet now they sit, gliding back and forth, back and forth. Waiting.

What are we waiting for? No one truly knows. But we are waiting for someone or something to strike; to overcome us.

I spend my time in an old abandoned classroom. I sit alone in the battered desks trying to find out as much as possible. But I do what everyone does; wait. Although I want action, I never take it. I ignore the box labeled, Bad Memories. Do Not Open, that sits on what once was the teacher’s desk. I know what’s inside it. The brown cardboard holds the memories of those who have been lost and the truth about their deaths. They dared to pass the border. No one ever comes back if they stray past the border; what lies beyond is unknown. Something is out there; we don’t know what. We only know that it is cunning, it is brave, it is brutal, it is relentless – and it is hunting us.

The world’s not safe anymore. That is carved on the door that leads to the unknown. The door is covered in locks and bolts, to keep anything or anyone from getting in – or getting out.

The world needs a hero. I need a hero; so that’s what I’ll become.

I am ready.


UPDATE: I realized I forgot a small section of it. I added it in here. Sorry about that, Loren!

What do you think? I really enjoyed writing this! Loren, for some reason WordPress messes up my indentions. But I think it’s pretty obvious when there’s a new paragraph.

Thanks Loren! GOOOOO Keepers!!! Keep up the good work, y’all!


6 thoughts on “CWWC #5

  1. I can’t believe I’m prazing a keeper. No, I’m not. But soooo goooood aaaarrrgggghhhh stooooooopppp iiiiiiittt…. Bella, make her stooooop, she’s being meeeaaan. Jk. That was soooo good, o can’t stand it, gurl. Meh. But we’re still winning…go dragons! Yeah!

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