CWWC #6 + AAWC #7

Hellooo! I’m here with my entry for CWWC and AAWC!

I went ahead and combined both challenges…something I haven’t done before. I hope you guys like it! 😀

Misty, I used the word silence or silent several times and a swan. 🙂

Loren, I used these prompts:



The world isn’t safe anymore. No one wants to believe it, but it’s the truth.

I suppose I finally figured out the truth when I saw Them. They are cunning, brave, brutal, relentless – and They are hunting us.

But I am ready to fight back. The world needs a hero, and that’s what I’ve become.

They are cold, icy, ghostly creatures that hunt us without relent. They hunt in the ghostly hours of the night when everyone is asleep. But They have one weakness; fire.

That is my mission: to find the Flame of Power. With that single flame, I can stop Them. It is my only hope to save our world.


Midday is the safest time, when They hide in the shadows. I only have a short amount of time, for when the sun sinks below the horizon, They arise in the hoards.

Silently, I approach the small village blanketed under the shadow of Swan Mountain. This village is known for its abundance in swans, but it is also known for protecting the Flame.

As I near the village, I notice no one is around. I hear no bustling of housewives or shouts from happy children. The only thing that reaches my ears is silence; the unending silence.

I tread lightly on the grass, not wanting to make a sound. With each step, my swan pendant hits against my chest, reminding me of my mission. Every time I pass a house, I cling to the side of the building, scanning the area. No one must see me.

After an hour of searching the village, I turn toward the mountain. Swan Mountain towers of the village, shading the valley from the sun. The location of the village always puzzled me. Now I know why. The fire burns only in areas of darkness so as to shine all the brighter.

Slowly, I make my way to the mountain. I closely examine the smooth rock face.

It is unusually flat and bare, with nothing covering the rock. As I run my fingers over the smooth stone, I notice a groove in the rock. I trace my fingers along it. The groove is in the shape of a swan; its wings spread wide in flight.

My finger finds a niche in the groove, and I push. I wince at the deafening sound of stone scraping against stone. When it stops, I glance around. If anyone is around, they surely heard it.

Slipping into the cave, I see that a tunnel has opened up, leading deep into the stone. Quickly, I glance back at the sun which is slowly sinking low in the sky. I don’t have much time.


The forest is dark and foreboding, but with the flame in my outstretched hand, I persist on. Nothing would stop me now.

As I walk deeper into the wood, the more They appear. They come out from the trees, but seeing the Flame, creep back to hence they came. But the deeper I go, the bolder they get. I am running out of time.

Finally, I reach my destination. A large clearing stands before me, a circle of stones tracing the perimeter. Walking to the middle of the circle, I lift the flame to the sky.

Rustling and rumbling breaks the silence as They appear in the hoards, slowly creeping closer. The flame gets bigger and brighter, trying to extinguish Them. With a crack of thunder and a gust of wind, the flame snuffs out.

A raspy voice echoes in the forest.


I can hear Them creeping closer, ready to seize me.

I glance around feverishly. “Who are you?”

“You know who I am.”


Ooh! How did you like it? GOOOO Keepers! We can do this, y’all!


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