Summer Shopping

Hello everyone! I have a little photostory here today for you all. 🙂

I hope you enjoy! 😀


The weather was approximately 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and we were absolutely fried. Instead of hanging around outside, we were inside, blasting the AC to full capacity.


I groaned. “I can’t stand this – it’s beautiful outside and we’re not out enjoying it!”


“But Nicole, it’s too hot!” Grace said.


“She’s right,” Saige said. “Plus, I haven’t got any good summer clothes.”


I thought for a moment. “Be right back!” Turning, I sprinted to my room, grabbed my purse, and ran back to Grace and Saige.


“C’mon, you two!”


Saige hopped up. “Where are we going?”


“Shopping, of course!” I sang out. “Y’all said you needed some summer clothes. Let’s go shopping!”


“Sounds good to me!” Grace said.



“Welcome to Dazzling Designs!” the sales attendant’s voice rang out.

“Hello!” I said.


We headed for the summer clothes.


Shuffling through the racks, we hunted for light, cool clothing.


“This would look great with your eyes!” I said, holding up a turquoise skirt to Saige.

She nodded. “Totally!”

“Hey Nicole!” Grace called. “Over here!”


I rushed over to Grace, who was holding an adorable tank top.

“I thought you’d like this.” she said.

“It’s so cute!” I agreed.


After we had picked some items we liked, we headed to the checkout, then left the store…


…and enjoyed the warm weather in our new clothes.


I hope you all enjoyed this fun little photostory! I’m working on another one right now…it should be up this weekend. 🙂

SCHOOL’S OUT!!! WOO HOO!!! XD I’m homeschooled, but I still love it when school’s out and the pool’s open. 😀 Are you doing anything special this summer? I’m going to New York City! 😀


20 thoughts on “Summer Shopping

  1. What a fun photo-story, Grace! 😀 It was definitely steaming here yesterday.
    P.S. We are going to Niagara Falls! It would be so awesome if we could see each other, but I guess NYC isn’t too close to Niagara Fall… 😛
    P.P.S. Just so you know, your secret notes aren’t white in the reader….

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  2. I loved the photo story! Where did you get the pretty turquoise skirt? And it’s is terribly hot here. Luckily we have a pool. 😛 We weren’t too hot yesterday, because for Memorial Day teserday we invited friends over to swim and cookout. It rained, too, so we were pretty cool with all the water! LOL!

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