Nature Photography

Hello all! Wow…I’ve only been a day offline but it feels like a lifetime! 😀

I was originally going to post some photography with the Hearts 4 Hearts dolls, but something happened. The lighting was OK but the image looked bad. I tried just about everything, and I couldn’t get it to look how I wanted. Sometimes photography makes me so mad. I feel like my camera can’t capture the image how I want it to. Then I see these absolutely amazing photos and I feel utterly hopeless. I guess there’s some days my photos are amazing and some days they’re horrific. (Do y’all ever feel like this?)

On a happier note, I do have some photos to share today! 😀


I love this one! 🙂


Lettuce lettuce! (I’m going to do a garden “tour” soon!)


That’s it for now! I am working on plotting my novel for Camp NaNoWriMo and filling out all of the Character Studies “forms” which will be posted soon. I can’t wait! 😀

Are you doing any camps this summer?


20 thoughts on “Nature Photography

  1. Ooh, you have Hearts 4 Hearts dolls? That’s awesome! I love those dolls. 🙂
    Just wondering, what camera do you have? It’s easy to become frustrated with your photography. Don’t give up!! 🙂
    I love the last picture with the lettuce! It looks SO good… *drool* XD

    -Clara ❤

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  2. Ugh, I know what you mean about photography! There’s this blog I go to, called Snistersflock, I don’t know if you go to her blog or not, but her photos always leave me speechless. They’re AMAZING! Sometimes I doubt I’ll ever be as good as she is, but I’m still determined! 🙂
    That’s so cool that you grow lettuce! What else do you have in your garden? I can’t wait to see the tour! 😀
    Good luck with Camp Nano! 🙂

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  3. You’re not alone, Grace – I feel like that ALL the time! LOL! I just have to remind myself that even the experts were once beginners like me. They had to keep practicing and trying over and over again. Your photos look spectacular! My favorite has to be… gee, they’re all so awesome… why do you make it so hard to pick? 😛 Okay, my favorite is the lettuce one! I love the texture of it!!

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