Physically, they have broken us. They have torn apart a strong family bond. They have taken this amazing family and dictated over if, changing and forming it into a meaningless frenzy of strangers.

Many happy years of my life were spent building this family of actors. Our bond was strong and we welcomed new members with open arms. As each week, each month, and each year passes, out bond grew stronger. And every performance we performed as one family unit.

Sometimes, like in a usual family, unkind things were said and drama occurred. But despite those unkind things, our family still lasted. We wouldn’t be anywhere without our them.

And suddenly, something changed. Certain individuals wanted to change our family bond, breaking it apart and shattering it. Despite our resistance, the announced our family was no more. It has been broken apart and thrown upon the ground.

And something inside of me, too, has been shattered. This bond build and shattered. This bond built an structured has collapsed because of mere individuals

As tears are shed and hugs exchanged, my heart aches with anger, frustration, and an everlasting sorrow. This sadness and heartbreak has been caused by only a few evil tyrants, but the impact is huge.

We are broken. Scattered. This wonderful family busted apart. But in our minds and hearts, we are still one.

Despite the sadness, a small hope glimmers inside us. Perhaps that someday, somehow we will be brought back together. But until then, we shall be separated, only the tiniest lasting love keeping us together.

But no matter what, we must never ever lose hope. Because if we give up hope, our family bonds will be broken forever, never being able to mend.


Let me do a little explaining…

Our local theatre had an absolutely wonderful children’s program where kids met weekly to learn new things about acting, had auditions, and performed a show together. Although we all came from different places and did different things, we formed into a tightly knit family.

But this year, something happened. Those in charge of the adult theatre (where we performed) wanted to get their hands on the program. They wanted to rule over and dictate it. And instead of negotiating and trying to work with us, they announced that the program was completely different and that there was nothing we could do about it. With almost everything in life, we alter and change to make things better for everyone. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve things to make them better, even the amazing program I once was a part of. But these people completely changed everything without even a thought as to how those in the program felt.

My group recently took our show to competition and did really well! Although we didn’t win, we got a lot of great feedback and it was a lot of fun. But now that the competition is over and the rehearsals are over as well, our program, at least the old and lasting and amazing one is over. It’s been so hard to face the facts that the “real” program is gone. It’s heartbreaking and just so sad.

I had so many emotions on the last day we were together, and I decided to write them out on some scrap paper. Thus sprouted this small story-ish piece.

I don’t want to bombard you and dump all my sorrow upon you guys, but I thought I’d share this piece I wrote and a snippet of the story behind it. ❤



32 thoughts on “Broken

  1. Oh my gosh, I had chills as I read that. Seriously!
    Grace I am so sorry for you. I’ve never experienced something like that, but I know how you must be feeling. Just remember that everything that happens is a part of God’s plan. I’m sure He has something bigger and better planned for you ❤

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  2. Oh my goodness, Grace, I am so sorry. Something similar to this happened to me not long ago, and I know how hard it is, especially with people you love like family. But God is still working and moving in amazing ways you can’t even imagine, and even though you (or I) don’t understand it, He has a perfect plan. Someday, you will look back and be amazed at what He has done even with the most devastating and heartbreaking situations. 🙂 I’m praying for you, my friend!!
    (Beautiful writing, by the way. Very moving and so meaningful. ❤️)

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      • Aww, thanks. 🙂 It’s not that bad, but like I two of my pups got sold a while back- which, don’t get me wrong, is VERY GOOD- but they were almost TWO, and I’ve raised them…and they were SOOOO Sweet… and I miss them a lot. 😦 THey did go to EXTREMELY good homes though! I’m very happy for them…but also sad. :/ You know? *sigh* But… oh well. 🙂 The guy who bought them said I could come see them sometime!!! 😀 I might have to… I never did really even get a chance to say goodbye. Just one moment they were here, then the next, GONE. :/ But I did need them sold, and they’re at a much better home now. 🙂

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      • Yaaa… :/ Thanks. 🙂 😀 And the guy who got them said that he would still keep their names! 😀 If you ever read my ‘animal stories of the past’ parts, you might remember one about a dog who gave hugs, named Shach? Anyway, that was one of the pups that the guy bought. :/ 😉

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