FLC Project 2 and 3 + Photo Updates

Hello everyone! I’m here again with project 2 and 3 of Kathryn’s Fantasy Literature Camp!

For project 2, I had to tell about my favorite fantasy author:

There are so many authors that I love and it’s so hard to narrow it down to just one! But if I had to pick just one, it would be Shannon Messenger. Her Keeper of the Lost Cities series is one of my favorites! The books are so creative and the plots are very intriguing and fun to read. I love the elven world and Messenger’s stories were so creative and nothing like I’ve read before! I simply loved them. 🙂


For project 3, I wrote a haiku about dragons:

Sleek body flying,

Soaring on emerald wings,

Into the distance.

Haikus are SO much fun to write! I think this one turned out OK…I only spent a few minutes on it.


I also wanted to inform you about an issue with my photos. Several months ago, Clara made a tutorial about how to get free photo space. It was absolutely amazing and extremely easy to use. Unfortunately, Google has announced that they aren’t going to be providing the free way to upload your photos. This means that Clara’s tutorial no longer works and all the photos uploaded with it will disappear.

This is very frustrating and although it is not at all Clara’s fault, it still will be very inconvenient. So far my photos haven’t disappeared from what I can tell, but they probably will soon. I will either have to go back in a upload them the regular way, or leave them. I’m not sure yet.

But if you can’t see some or most of my photos, it’s because of Google’s (horrible) choice to stop doing the photo URL upload. Hopefully I can get it fixed soon.


Thanks so much for reading! 😀


13 thoughts on “FLC Project 2 and 3 + Photo Updates

  1. Hey Grace! I don’t want to seem rude or mean, but I just thought I should tell you that the second project doesn’t start until tomorrow. The whole idea is to do the project on the day that it’s assigned…but what I see you doing here is giving me ideas for a better way to organize this next time.
    I love your creative entries and am always excited seeing your comments in my inbox, I just need to keep it fair for the other participants. : )

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  2. This sounds like a neat contest!
    I know, it’s such a bummer. BAD GOOGLE! 😡
    I’m just going to start another random blog (like you could do 123y94qty.wordpress.com or anything), post the pictures I need on it, then copy and paste them onto my real blog. In some ways it would be faster because you can copy more than one picture at a time!

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