Camp Dolliwatha, Week Six: Doll Dance Bag


Welcome to week six of Camp Dolliwatha! This week’s theme is ballet and dance! I’ve got a bunch of crafts planned and am super excited!

Before we start, I’d like to give credit to MyFroggyStuff for the inspiration/idea of this craft. This craft is greatly inspired/based on their dance bag.

Let’s begin! 🙂


The first craft we’re going to make is a doll dance bag!



-Fabric (scrap or other)

-Two lids of equal size

-Hot glue (adult supervision recommended)


-Ribbon (optional)

Step 1:

Start out by covering the lids with your fabric. It’s simplest to apply hot glue to the flat side of the lid, glue it to the fabric, then slowly glue the edges over.

There will be some folds and creases, but they will be covered later.

Step 2:

Take a piece of cloth and cut it to the length and width you want the bag to be. Glue the sides of the lids to the sides of the fabric.

Step 3:

Wrap the edge of the cloth around the sides of the lids, gluing as you go. Glue into place.

It’s now starting to resemble a bag. 🙂

Step 4:

Stuff the bag full of scrap fabric or cotton balls so it will be firm and not flimsy.

Step 5:

Glue on your straps. You can use ribbon or just plain cloth with the ends folded over and glued. 🙂

You’re done! Add slippers, water, and a snack to your doll’s bag and send her off to dance class!

Do you plan on making this craft? Email Loren up to three pictures to . She will include the photos in the weekly Camp Dolliwatha recap on Saturday!








47 thoughts on “Camp Dolliwatha, Week Six: Doll Dance Bag

  1. Wow, that’s really cute and easy, Grace!
    Hmm, I can see all of the pictures now. Could you see the pictures on my last few posts? Cause they were pasted from a WordPress blog. *GULP* Help!

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