Camp Dolliwatha Week Six: The Dreaded Dance Recital (Part One)

Could that title get any longer? 😉

Anyhow, welcome back to camp! I hope you all have enjoyed my crafts. 🙂

Today I bring you a dance-themed photostory to enjoy!

A ray of morning sunlight streamed into my bedroom, arousing me from a restless sleep. This was it. The big day was here.

I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and forced myself to get out of bed. In a haste, a made my bed, changed into a leotard, and left to practice my solo.

When I reached the studio, I plopped my bag onto the ground and began to stretch my sore muscles. After I had done a few simple exercises, I practiced my solo.

Counting the music in my head, I twirled and stepped in time. My movements were nearly flawless, but something was off. I got off on the timing of the music and, trying to get back in time, forgot some of the steps. I tried to shake off my misstep, but the rest of my dance was stiff. By the time I finished, I was in tears.

I plopped on the ground and closed my eyes to fight the tears. No matter how hard I tried, I could never get the movements right. I knew the dance frontwards and backwards, but something always was off. The smallest misstep or even getting a beat off the music threw me off, and I could never seem to recover.

I began the dance again – only to mess up– and by my third attempt, I felt utterly hopeless. What was happening to me? I was the best dancer in class, and I couldn’t even do a simple combination?

I shook my head and stood to try again, only to be interrupted by a noise from behind.

“Saige, are you OK?” Nicole was lingering sheepishly by the studio wall.

I bent my head and shook it. “I just can’t do it, Nicole. I’m such a failure.”

Nicole hugged me. “Don’t say that. You’re an awesome dancer, Saige. I know you can do it.”

I shook my head and didn’t reply.

Nicole smiled, took my hand, and we left.


 The rest of my day was spent practicing, failing, and worrying about my performance. Each time I rehearsed, the more discouraged I felt. I was certain I was going to make a fool out of myself.

Even though I knew I should keep practicing, Lissie convinced me to go outside with her.

“You need to relax,” she had said. “Some time out of doors is perfect.”


When we got back, the dread had changed to terror, and I found myself unable to move or think. I was terribly afraid.

I took several deep breaths and began the task of getting ready. Once I had dressed and packed my dance bag, I scanning my room for anything else I might need.

As I made my way out the door, I spotted a piece of paper lying on the table.

I smiled. It read: Break a Leg!

I tucked it into my dance bag and headed out the door.


When I reached the theatre, I busied myself by doing my hair a makeup and changing into my costume. I tried not to think about my solo, but it was hard. I sat in agony until it was finally time to go backstage.

All too soon I heard my queue and it was my time to go onstage.

Poor Saige. 😦 Come back tomorrow for Part 2!

For today’s activity, set up a scene of a dance recital or competition and take photos of it. If you want, try to include all of my crafts in the photos.

Email Loren up to three pictures to . She will include the photos in the weekly Camp Dolliwatha recap on Saturday!


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