Camp Dolliwatha Week Six: The Dreaded Dance Recital (Part Two)

Welcome to the last day of camp! I’ve had a blast putting together these posts – I’m so glad y’all like them!

Here’s part two of The Dreaded Dance Recital:

I walked out onto the stage, my heart beating so loud I was sure the entire audience would be able to hear it. I stood tall, lifting my chin high, and waited for my music to play. As the first few notes started, I began my movements.

Just like in the studio, my movements were stiff and awkward. Panic began to rise inside of me. I was going to flub my performance, I knew it. I sucked in a breath and tried to stay in time with the music, but I was off the beat. Once I tripped, and it took every ounce of will not to run off the stage.

Halfway through my dance, something happened to me. I closed my eyes and, instead of doing the correct choreography, I moved in time with the music, making up the movements as I went. I thought back to my picnic outside with Lissie. It seemed so long ago, but the calming feeling and relaxation came back to me.

When the music ended, I caught my breath and twirled off the stage. Applause thundered all around me, and I grinned backstage. I did it. I performed my piece, even if it wasn’t the correct steps. I had done it beautifully.

As I made my way to the green room, I smiled to myself. With the help and support of my sisters, I had performed my piece, even though I was terrified.

I knew that I would face challenges much harder than performing on stage. But I knew that with the support and love of my sisters, I could get through anything that came my way.

I hope you enjoyed this mini-photostory! It was really fun to do. 🙂

For today’s activity, set up a scene of a dance recital or competition and take photos of it. If you want, try to include all of my crafts in the photos.

Email Loren up to three pictures to . She will include the photos in the weekly Camp Dolliwatha recap on Saturday!


27 thoughts on “Camp Dolliwatha Week Six: The Dreaded Dance Recital (Part Two)

  1. So sweet! I loved it! I was just wondering, in some of your doll photos, when you photograph them from above with their eyes closed, it sometimes looks as if parts of their eyelashes are missing. Why is that?
    This photostory was great! Saige is so photogenic!!

    Liked by 1 person

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