TIWC Challenge 3

Welcome back to TIWC! Let’s see if Team Pencil is still ahead…

(If you don’t see your name up here but you entered your story, let me know and I’ll fix that)

I got entries from:


Points this round: 101
Total points: 179

UPDATE: Audrey posted her story in time but I didn’t see it, so Team Pen has gained some more points!

SECOND UPDATE: Sarah posted her story and someone I missed it. Team Pen has gained more points!


Points this round: 60
Total points: 184

Team Quill

Points this round: 77
Total points: 194

UPDATE: Bella (Book Sweet) sent in her story and still earned her team some points! Team Quill is now ahead!


Challenge 3 Prompts:

Maxim Knight | Matt Mason | Falling Skies:

character prompt via Pinterest


picture prompt via Pinterest

writing prompt:

word prompt via Pinterest

Write a story, poem, or whatever you prefer inspired by the prompts above. When you include a prompt, please highlight it and make it bold so it’s easier for me to find it.

You can use prompts from previous challenges in your story, but you will not get extra points for it.

Regarding points:

I will be judging your stories based on if you get your story in on time, how many prompts you use, and most importantly – the quality of your writing. By quality, I mean how well the story flows, how well you weave in your prompts, and overall how well your story is written. The quality of your story is going to get you the most points.

For bonus points, you can include your team’s writing utensil (for example – a pen) somewhere in your story. Make sure to let me know if you do!

Your stories are due by Midnight on Saturday, September 17. When you’re done with your story, drop me a link in the comments.🙂

For those who don’t have a blog or don’t have time to write up a whole blog post, you can enter your story into the contact form below:


129 thoughts on “TIWC Challenge 3

  1. Gah, I’m sorry!!! I was going to post last night after dance, but the computer was shut down!!! I’ll go post it right now, I promise!!!! I’m sooooooo sorry!!!! 😭

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, these prompts look great! Go team pencil!!! We’ll catch up guys!
    Sorry I still haven’t sent you my short story for TIWC yet, I am almost done with it. I just can’t seem to figure out how to end it!! Ahhhh!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Let’s GO team PEN!! 😀
    Ooooh! These prompts should fit great with my story! *rubs hands together* I think, anyway… But can I alter the Person picture prompt (try saying that five times fast XD ) in my description slightly?

    Liked by 2 people

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