Vote for Grace!

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Hello, lovelies! I’m here today with some very exciting news!

I’m moving on to Round 2 of the Blogging Election!

I am absolutely thrilled to be moving on to Round 2! I want to thank everyone who voted for me – I couldn’t do this without you. ❤

What does moving on to Round 2 mean?

Not much has changed, but there are a few new things happening.

For Round 2, I created 10 new promises. Just like in Round 1, you’ll take a look at them and comment with which ones you like best – for example, 6/10.

But with Round 2, there’s a catch. Only votes 6/10 or above count. So if your vote is 5/10 or below (3/10 or 1/10), your vote will not count.

My hope is that you like over six of my promises, but if not, my feelings won’t be hurt.

For more information and to vote for me, CLICK RIGHT HERE!

Why are you still here??? GO VOTE FOR ME!!! XD


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