What I’m Reading – September

Hey guys! *waves* 😀

If you follow me on Goodreads, you know I’ve read a ton lately. Woops. XD Since I’m such an avid reader, bookworm, and extreme bibliophile, I thought it would be fun to share some of the books I’ve been reading with you all!

I’m going to be sharing books that I’ve read this month, books to read, and books that I’m currently reading – along with a brief description and my opinions of the book. 🙂

Let’s begin, shall we? 😉

Although I read more books than shown, I didn’t have them all to photograph, but I think this is a great start to What I’m Reading!

Wildwood by Colin Meloy – Currently Reading

I hadn’t heard about this book until I saw Rockstar13studios’s stopmotion movie inspired by the book. After I watched the movie, I decided to try out the book. .

I’m really enjoying this book so far. It’s basically about a girl whose brother is kidnapped by crows and taken into the Impassable Wilderness. She has to rescue him and discovers the secrets of Wildwood. I love the author’s writing style and the little bits of humor he throws into the story. I’m only a few chapters in but the book is really exciting and unique! 😀

Rogue Wave by Jennifer Donnelly – Read

My friend from dance loaned Bella and me the first book during dance intensive. I was really excited to read a book about mermaids but I didn’t like it as much as I hoped. :\ I decided to try the next book and LOVED it! 😀

I absolutely LOVED this book! The story is really exciting and I read it really fast! Basically, a peaceful kingdom of mermaids is attacked by an unknown evil. The princess, Serafina, escapes with her best friend Neela and has to survive in the dangerous ocean waters. Serafina and Neela are two of six mermaids to be summoned to fight the evil. This book is so amazing – I am definitely going to be doing a review of the series soon. 🙂

Dark Tide by Jennifer Donnelly – Read

This book is probably my favorite of the four – I just LOVE the story and all its twists and turns. I stayed up until midnight on the weekend because I was so eager to finish it! 😛

Sea Spell by Jennifer Donnelly – Read

I was SO excited for this book! I devoured this whole series and I’m really sad it’s over. 😦 But this book was amazing and I LOVED how the author wrapped up all the loose ends. I loved everything about these books!

(I’ll definitely be doing reviews on each book soon. 🙂 )

The Winged Watchman by Hilda Van Stockum – Reading

My family has been listening to the audio book for this on Audible as part of our Social Studies curriculum. I’m really enjoying this story!

The story is about a Dutch family coping with the German Occupation during World War II. It’s a tenderhearted, sad, and wonderful story and I’m enjoying every minute of it. 🙂

Writer to Writer: From Think to Ink by Gail Carson Levine – Reading

After reading Writing Magic: Creating Stories that Fly by Gail Carson Levine, I decided to try this book out. I’ve found it pretty hard to get through and it’s not really what I hoped. :\

That concludes this month’s What I’m Reading! I hoped you enjoyed this post! 😀

Have you read any of these books?
Are you a bibliophile?

Typing with a band-aid on your pointer finger is hard. 😛


36 thoughts on “What I’m Reading – September

  1. I’ve read Wildwood! It’s an awesome book. 🙂 And yes, I’m definitely a bibliophile! *cries for books in English because I live overseas and I can’t find many* Well . . . It’s not THAT bad, I guess. I guess. :/ 😉
    What happened to your finger?

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  2. Awe, I’m sorry you aren’t enjoying Writer to Writer… 😦
    I never finished it completely (the last few chapters were about poems and I don’t write those XD), but I did like it! There were just some examples in there that were kind of weird and sometimes I didn’t feel like she was super helpful XD I liked the writing prompts at the end of each chapter, though! 😀

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    I hope that will help you! That was seriously the longest comment ever!

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  4. This was a great post, Grace! OHHH YESS, BOOK SUGGESTIONS! I love book suggestions. XD Now I want to read Wildwood and that mermaid series!
    P. S. Ugh, yes. Typing with bandaids IS a pain. And so is playing piano with them. :/ What happened to your finger?

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