A Thank You For 100 Followers

Hello everyone! Today is a very special day. Right around this time is when I first started to blog publicly. Before blogging publicly, I wrote on a little private blog which no one ever read except myself. It was about a year ago that I started blogging publicly, though.

So much has happened since then. I’ve met countless other amazing bloggers, gained followers and friends, and have been able to be a friend to others. I’ve gained countless amounts of support and kind comments from others who I love and cherish dearly.

One of the biggest things that has happened to me is gaining over 100 followers. In the course of around 7 months, I have gained a total of 121 followers. To some, 100 followers is a measly number. Some people have over 10K. But for me, this is such a special number – over 100 people have come to love me, my posts, and my blog. It fills me with such awe and gratitude.

My writing camp, TIWC, was my main celebration for 100 followers. But today I’m going to recognize and say a special thank you to my absolutely amazing followers.

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First off, I’d like to thank each and every one of you. Unfortunately I can’t recognize all of you, but I want to thank you so much for following me and giving me an enormous amount of support.

Clara – My very first follower, first commenter, and first blogging friend. Clara, you’ve been with me since the beginning and you’ve left me so many sweet and amazing comments. I’m so happy that I’ve been able to get to know you better – and I’m still glad we’re friends. ♥

Bella – A fellow fangirl, dancer, and BFF IRL. Bella, you’ve been my friend for as long as I can remember.. I cherish every text, email, sleepover, and Skype and I’m so glad to call you my friend. ♥

Ashlynn – Another fellow fangirl, dancer, and BFF IRL. Ashlynn, I’m so happy we’ve become friends and that our relationship has grown over these months of dance classes. I love chatting and fangirling with you (and don’t forget staying up ’till 5am). I’m so glad you’re my friend. ♥

Jaclynn – A Star Wars fan, American Girl lover, and (my favorite) donut. I’m so happy I’ve gotten to know you over these years. I love chatting about Star Wars and other fandoms and even though we’re years apart, I’m so happy we’re friends. ♥

Emma – A fellow Star Wars, American Girl, and Keeper fan. Emma, I’m so glad I met you and was able to get to know you through blogging. I love your posts and fangirling with you and I’m so happy that you’re a friend of mine. ♥

K.A. – An awesome girl with tons of fluffy, cuddly, or even creepy pets and a wonderful blog of her own. K.A., I’m so happy I’ve gotten to know you, chat with you, and be called your friend. ♥

Allison – An amazing blogger, photographer, and artist. Allison, I’m so happy I found your blog and that we’ve become such good friends. I’m so proud of you in all of your accomplishments (including gaining 1000 followers!!!) and I can’t wait to see what more you accomplish. You’re so sweet and encouraging and I’m so happy that you’re my friend! ♥

Megan – Another amazing blogger and photographer. Megan, I’m so glad I found your blog and that I was able to connect with you and get to know you. You’re so sweet, funny, and I love talking with you. I’m so glad we’re friends! ♥

Misty – An amazing writer, blogger, and photographer. Misty, I’m so glad that Clara told me about your writing camp and that I’ve gotten to know you. You’re one of the sweetest people out there and I cherish your encouraging comments and feedback. Thanks for answering my questions, giving tips, and just being the amazing person you are. ♥

Madi – One of the sweetest girls in the entire blogosphere! Madi, you leave some of the sweetest comments and I love both you and your blog. Thanks so much for the encouragement and lovely comments. ♥

Lily – A sweet girl with a lovely blog and love of writing. Lily, you leave me such sweet comments and I love getting to talk with you and leave comments on your blog. ♥

American Girl Doll Artist – An amazing photographer and blogger and fellow Star Wars fan. AGDA, you’re so sweet and I love the comments you leave and discussing American Girl or Star Wars with you. ♥

Sara – A sweet girl, new blogger, and fellow American Girl fan. Sara, I’m so happy I found your blog and that I’ve been able to be friends with you. You’re so kind and I love your comments. ♥

Sarah – A fellow Hamilton fan and writer. Sarah, even though I just met you, you’re an awesome person and I’m so glad you read my blog. I love talking about Hamilton and writing and I can’t wait to see how our friendship blossoms. ♥

Josie – A fellow writer, blogger, and awesome person. Josie, you leave such sweet comments on my blog. I love reading your blog and I’m so happy we’re friends. ♥

Allie Taylor – A fellow writer, blogger, and host of the Blogging Election. Allie, I’m so glad I decided to participate in the Blogging Election and that our friendship has grown through it. I can’t wait to write a book with you and I’ve enjoyed our chats. ♥

Again, I cannot recognize everyone, but I want to thank you all for being such an amazing follower. ♥♥♥

Thank you all so much! I thank the Lord for you guys. You’re amazing. ♥




95 thoughts on “A Thank You For 100 Followers

  1. Awww… This post was so sweet and exploding with gratitude! I’m so happy for you that you have reached over 100 followers!! That is seriously amazing! You totally deserve it! 😀
    And I’m honored to be in that list. It’s been so great getting to know you and I, too, am SO glad we’re friends!! I hope that someday we can meet in person! We may be far apart in age, but just know that you will always be my friend no matter our ages ❤
    Congratulations again, and I hope you gain many more followers! *donuts and chocolate for all* 🎉🍩🍫🍩🍫🍩🍫

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  2. Aww, Grace!!! Such an amazing post!!! I LOVE your blog!! It is so so happy and frilly and cute!!! Thanks for following my blog!!! Thanks for recognizing me!!! That is so sweet of you to do that!!! I LOVED doing the blogger election, and WILL GET THAT POST UP!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations, Grace!!! This was such a sweet post–a great way to announce 100 followers! I think blogging is a really great thing. It’s such a great experience and can open so many doors to wonderful people you may have never known otherwise!

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  4. Congratulations, Grace!!! That’s wonderful, and I’m so happy for you! 🙂 It really is a lot of followers, and it’s a great accomplishment. Keep up the great blogging! 🙂
    Also, I want to thank you for being such an encourager in this blogging community. Your comments on my blog always brighten my day. ❤
    ~Christian Homeschooler

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  5. Congrats on 100 (and more!), Grace!!!!! I love your blog because it’s so real and everything you share is really heartfelt. You’re super sweet and it just made my day to be mentioned in this post! ❤️❤️❤️ *passes out Hamilton lyrics to everyone*

    P.S. We went on a one-and-a-half-hour long drive today for an event in another city . . .then we drove back. I wonder if you can guess what my sister and I were singing pretty much the entire time. 😂😂😉😉

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  6. This celebration, I’m going to be normal.

    I’m sorry, Grace, I can’t help it.


    *throws 121 cakes in Grace’s face*

    One for each follower!

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  7. Congratulations, Grace! Always happy to find another friend who shares my name, and while I haven’t known you for long, it’s always so pleasant to receive comments from you! Thank you for sharing your writerly things with us, and I pray your blog continues to grow at this rate. God bless you and keep blogging for us ❤

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  8. OOOOOH!!!! ONE HUNDRED FOLLOWERS!! I am so happy for you, Grace! You deserve each and every one! It’s so awesome to see just how far you’ve gotten! Thanks for such a nice shout-out (I never know what to call it.. ;P), IF ONLY YOU COULD PUT “IRL” IN THERE FOR ME, TOO, BECAUSE THAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN. XD XD LOL! Again, congrats!!

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  9. Oh my gosh!! Over 100 followers! Congratulations, Grace, that is AMAZING! What an astounding accomplishment – but I’m not surprised! You definitely more than deserve each and every single one of those followers – and so many more! Your blog is absolutely incredible and so awe-inspiring (and so are you!) – not only to me, but to so many other bloggers out there as well. When I first visited your blog, I was totally blown away by the amazing design and quality of your posts! I know I’m not the only one you’ve inspired. Your blog will always be one of my very favorites, and I get so excited every time I see one of your posts in my reader or one of your encouraging comments on my blog! 😄
    And aw, it’s such an honor to be in that list! That’s so sweet of you to mention my blog and I! I think happy fireworks bursted inside of me when I read my name up there with so many other absolutely fantabulous bloggers. 😄
    Once again, congratulations on over 100 followers! I know this is only the beginning – your blog is so epically awesome and it’s only going to grow from here!

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  10. CONGRATULATIONS, GRACE!!! I’m SO SO SO HAPPY for you! 100 FOLLOWERS! I’m happy and proud to be one of them! CONGRATULATIONS, GRACE!!! (I just feel like saying it again!) 😀 THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for that shout out, I REALLY feel honored! CONGRATULATIONS, AGAIN, GRACE!!! Your blog is really just the greatest and you deserve EVERY. SINGLE. ONE of your followers! EVERY. SINGLE. ONE!!! You’re such an awesome blogger, and I’m SO HAPPY to have met you, SO SO SO HAPPY! THANK YOU AGAIN for the SO VERY sweet shout out, and CONGRATULATIONS ON 100 FOLLOWERS, GRACE!!! 😀 😀 😀
    And, I just wanted to say, *smiles mischievously* that The Girl Upstairs is the second most used site on this computer, other than my blog… *pushes Grace into prize, a bathtub filled with ice cream*

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  11. Congrats again, my dear friend!!! I’m so glad to know you, and I’m excited for your campaign! 😉 This was such a sweet post, thank you for the mention. ❤ ❤ I could say the exact same things back. I really enjoy answering your questions and giving you whatever tips I may have!
    Looking forward to watching your blogging success continue to grow! You totally deserve 100 followers and more. 🙂

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