Bloggish Thoughts ~ Your Opinions Needed

Hey guys! 😀 Lately I’ve been thinking all things bloggish. (Not a real word, but definitely a fun one. 😛 ) My blog, blog design, post ideas, professional blogging, and so much more. So I’m here today asking your opinions on these topics.

The biggest thing I’m thinking about is blogging professionally. My main questions are these: Should I make The Girl Upstairs a future professional blog or make a whole new one? Should I keep blogging for a hobby or try to make it professional now? How can I improve so that someday I may become professional?

Another thing I’ve been thinking about are my posts themselves. I’ve been thinking I should make a posting schedule…but there’s so much I love to post about – books, dolls, photography, life, crafts, and so much more! I don’t really know how to condense it all into a schedule. I have been told my posts are a high quality ( ❤ ) but I’m still not sure. What do you think?

Another topic that’s been on my mind is design. My blog’s pages and sidebar have been bugging me for awhile now, and I’ve been trying to simplify them and make them better. I added and deleted several things from my sidebar and it’s looks much cleaner. My pages are still rather disorganized and I’d like to re-order them and make them better and simpler. Could you think of ways that I can make them better? Are there any I should add or take away?

And in case you’re worried, I am not at all leaving the blogosphere. I looove blogging and I’m not going to quit at. All. I’d just like to improve my blog and make it the best it can be.
I love my readers and your opinion is important! 😀


I created a survey based on these topics and I’d greatly appreciate if you took it. 😀


Thank you all SOOO much! I love you guys. 😘😘😘



112 thoughts on “Bloggish Thoughts ~ Your Opinions Needed

  1. I TOOK IT! 🙂 Love you too Grace! 🙂 *tries to find the kissing smiley* *searches more* *gives up and puts a different one instead* 😀 You’re an AMAZING blogger, and if you do a professional blogging thing, you’d better not forget about us non-professionals over here, because we still like having non-pro Grace around too! 😉 😀
    NOW, would you mind telling me what ‘Professional Blogging’ even IS?! Cause.. I’m clueless…

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  2. I took your survey! I hope I helped!
    How would you define professional blogging? That was one thing I was kind of unsure about in the survey, because I didn’t know if it meant a really different type of blog, or some changes, or something similar. 🙂

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  3. This is really cool, Grace! By professionally blogging, you mean purchasing a premium plan, right? I love the way your blog is now, but if you do decide to upgrade, that’s SO exciting!! ❤️❤️❤️

    P.S. Lol, is this becoming a trend? First Liv, now you . . . *looks at WordPress plans* *awkwardly realizes that I’m a teenager and I’m #poor* 😂😂*

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  4. Hi Grace, just took your survey! I hope I was help, i kind of repeated stuff a little bit. I haven’t been following your blog enough to get a very well-rounded understanding of how your blog functions, but I hope I still helped you 🙂
    A fellow Grace asked what I was thinking: what do you mean professionally?
    (I think we should make a “Grace” blog, I know so many now LOLOL!)

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  5. I’ll take the survey soon! Right now we’re traveling and I tried to take it from my phone, but then I saw that Shannon Messenger had posted and accidentally closed the survey in my excitement. XD

    – Clara ❤

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  6. I too took your survey Grace! I would love if we could connect (either over skype calls or whatever) so I can talk to you! As you know, I am also looking to blog professionally, and I would love to have a buddy to exchange tips with along the way!

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