Madi @ Delightful World of Dolls is Hosting a Giveaway! {CLOSED}

Hey guys! Guess. Wut. Madi(son) from Delightful World of Dolls is hosting a giveaway in honor of over 260 followers, AND her 4 year blogiversary! 😀

Madi has re-vamped her blog’s design and I think it looks spectacular! And as if that’s not enough, she’s giving away one American Girl Doll – of your choice! – and her coordinating accessories! 😀

I met Madi through Clara @ Clara’s Craft Corner, and I absolutely love her blog! She’s so sweet and kind and an overall amazing person. ❤ I’m so happy I’ve gotten to know you, Madi! And I’m so happy that your blog has grown as it has. ❤

To learn more about the giveaway click the link and view the video below:

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CLICK HERE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Make sure to click those links! 😀


If you decide to enter, please let Madison know that I referred you! If I refer someone to the giveaway, I’ll receive an extra entry, which I appreciate so so much!

Thanks, everyone! And make sure to wish Madi a happy blogiversary! 😀 (And make sure you include that you heard about this through my blog, if you did.)



25 thoughts on “Madi @ Delightful World of Dolls is Hosting a Giveaway! {CLOSED}

  1. HEYA MY HAMILTON FREN! My mom still isn’t letting me blog, which is really hard for me, but I asked her to rethink it. She says she’ll tell me after two weeks, considering internet safety and all that. Honestly, it’s not very likely that she’s going to change her mind, but in case she does, I’m considering bouncing back to WordPress and I thought you could take a look at the blog I designed for myself. It was one of my very first blogs — my first WordPress blog, actually — and it’s the one that I gave you the link to when telling you what the Gateway theme looks like (what you’re currently using). Here’s the link again: . What do you think of it? I’m hoping so hard that my mom will let me blog again — it’s been really hard not being able to grow my followers and watching everyone else’s go up. 😦 But enough of me moaning over that. What do you think of the blog? Thanks, Grace dear! ❤

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    • HEY THERE! 😀
      Aw, that’s too bad! But it’s good that she’s reconsidering, and I definitely can see her point. 🙂
      That sounds exciting! I’m so glad you’re (thinking about) coming back to WordPress! (Because – I must admit – I’m biased when it comes to WordPress vs Blogger. XD 😛 😉 )
      That blog looks amazing! I love it! 😀 My only thoughts would be that I think it would be cool to involve piano keys (or music note) into the design (since that’s your blog’s title), and that I’m not super in love with the font. (But I’m kinda known for being picky when it comes to fonts. 😛 )
      But seriously, I LOVE it! It’s so pretty! 😀 (And I’m jealous of you people who can come up with foodie things to carry throughout your blog. I like too many foods to decide! 😛 )
      Before I hit “send,” I have a couple a questions for ya. 😉
      First, what are the fonts that you used for The Smile Project? I looove them! 😍😍😍
      Secondly, where do you find your lovely graphics and things for the blogs you design? I’m kinda getting into graphic design and I’d like to play around with some things, but I’d really like to find some freebies to use for design.
      Thanks, dear! ❤

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      • Yeah — I just really, REALLY hopes she makes up her mind to let me keep blogging, ’cause I miss it. 😛 Hehe! Yeah, I’m going to be kind of sad leaving my Blogger friends if I do come back to WordPress, since they won’t really be able to follow as easily.
        Ooh, that’s great feedback! Once I get a lot of time on my hands, I might redo everything with a different font.

        YES! Graphic design is so insanely fun!! Your best bet would be to start off looking at stuff from, in her freebies section. They're awesome! I also sometimes just Google for freebies — but just warning you, the only reason why I don't have tons of viruses piled up on my laptop is because we have a virus protection. A lot of them are highly sketchy and are not legit, so I would really stick to Angie Makes. But I feel you with trying to find things to use for design — other designers always hold tight to their font names and freebie sources, so it's a struggle getting them to help you find that one font they used or the floral branches or whatnot. UGH. But I digress. I would definitely start with Angie, and then branch out from there and find others. If you can't, I'd be happy to send you some of mine or we could go graphic-freebie-hunting together. 🙂

        And hehe! Maybe you could pick a fruit to use? Or hot chocolate or coffee or raspberries or cherries or something?

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      • Me too! Yeah, it’s always hard to switch back and forth between different sites. :\
        Ooh, awesome!! Thanks, Sarah! I checked her out and her freebies look awesome! I can’t wait to start designing! 😀
        And thanks for the font name! That’s so pretty. 🙂 What about the straight, simple one you have for “the” and “project?” I’ve been hunting for straight, sleek fonts like that and haven’t found many I like. :\
        LOL! XD I haven’t chosen one yet, although I don’t necessarily need one I guess. I just love how some blogs talk about food – like you and your dumplings. 😛
        Thank ya much, m’dear! 😀

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      • Angie is awesome! Have fun designing! Do you think you’re going to design your own blog soon? Because if so, I can’t wait to see it!!

        You’re super welcome! (Just . . . maybe delete the comment bc I’m also rly protective . . . . pwease? XD)

        Haha! I’m so sorry — I actually can’t remember off the top of my head. I noticed it because it came with my Blogger template, and I had to go hunting in the coding to find out what it was called. Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry I can’t remember right now!

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      • Thank you! I think I would definitely like to at some point, once I get pretty good at designing. 🙂
        Okay! I’m a bit confused, sorry! You want me to delete the parts in your comments about P&PK, or something else?
        Ah, no problem! Heeheee. XD Seriously, it’s okay! 😀

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