The HamilTag

Hello, and welcome to The Hamiltag! (Thanks to Bella for the name idea!)
This is a fun tag I’m creating, inspired by the Broadway musical, Hamilton. IT’S SO AMAZING!!! *flails* 

Ahem ahem.
I’ve created a tag inspired by Hamilton. I’m not sure if you guys are into Hamilton, or if this post will be interesting or not, but I’m giving it a go and hoping you guys enjoy. 🙂

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-Answer the questions left for you
-“Pass Your Legacy” to at least five other HamilFans
-Use my questions, or leave “10 Duel Commandments” of your own
-Let them know they’ve been nominated

The 10 Duel Commandments:

#1 – How did you discover Hamilton?

I listened to it when I slept over at my friend’s house, and my obsession skyrocketed from there. Thanks, Harper! 😀 😛 XD 😉

#2 – Who is your favorite character?

Aaron Burr. I just LOVE his character, his voice, EVERYTHING!!! AHHHHHHHH

#3 – What’s your absolute favorite song?

Umm…Wait for It, although Satisfied and The Room Where It Happens are close behind. 😉 😛 XD

#4 – Music wise, which is better, Act I or Act II?

Another hard one! Act I has so many amazing songs, but so does Act II…
*squeezes eyes shut* Act I!
I am crazy XD XD XD

#5 – What’s your dream role?

Actually, I’d like to be in ensemble, because they get to be in all of the amazing songs. 😉

#6 – What’s your favorite quote?

“How Lucky We Are to Be Alive Right Now.”

#7 – Describe what Hamilton means to you using only 3 words.

Fun, Amazing, and Addictive…not in a bad way. O_o 😛 😉 XD

#8 – Who do you consider your “Hamilton Buddy?” (Someone who you can ramble, fangirl, or sing Hamilton with)

Probably Sarah or Ashlynn. 🙂

#9 – How has Hamilton impacted your life?

My whole family enjoys it, and in some ways, it helps us connect, if that makes sense. It’s also just super fun, and dozens of instances in life become a Hamilton Reference. 😉 😛 XD

#10 – What is the best thing about Hamilton?

The music and the story behind it.

My Legacy Passes to:


…and anyone else who is into Hamilton! 😀

That concludes The HamilTag! I hope you enjoyed this post. I wasn’t too sure if I should do it or not, but I hope you like it anyhow. 😀

Look out for a fun photoshoot this Monday! 😀

Are you familiar with Hamilton?
What’s something that you’re obsessed with?

58 thoughts on “The HamilTag

  1. Hahaha, this was AWESOME! 😄 Hamilton sounds so cool! I love musicals too, and while I’m not familiar with Hamilton, I’d love to check it out someday! I’m definitely the kind of person who more or less obsesses over stuff like that, singing the songs and recognizing references everywhere XD XD XD It was SO cool to read your answers! And ooh, photoshoot! That sounds AMAZING!

    As for something I’m obsessed with… I’m an American Girl fan, of course, and my ahemcrazyahem sister might say I’m obsessed, but I don’t really think I am. 😉 Gosh, that’s really hard! I guess I don’t… currently obsess over anything 😱 Well, that last thing I obsessed over (2015 o_O) was this movie called Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London. I was very, very obsessed. 😂 I wrote four fan fiction stories on it and even made like thirty meme-type pictures with just quotes from the characters. 😂 That led to my obsession with spies, and then that probably gave my to my current fascination with ninjas (ahemLoyaltyahem). I realize now that the Cody Banks obsession was kind of silly… it made EVERYONE think I had a crush on the actor who played Cody Banks. *smacks forehead* LOL! 😄

    Hopefully this comment isn’t too long by now. I tend to ramble… 😄😄😄 Once again, this post was super fun to read! Hamilton sounds AWESOME!


    Liked by 3 people

    • Thanks, Madi! That’s so cool! I didn’t know that you were into musicals, too! What are some of your favorites? 🙂
      Yesss, AG for sure! I kinda had a little “eh” moment with it, but now I’m getting back into it. 🙂 It can be hard though, with all the things AG releases that I don’t like. 😛
      Ooh, I haven’t heard of Cody Banks! That sounds cool!! 😀 I’m also not super “obsessed” with many things, but I loooove Keeper of the Lost Cities and Star Wars. 🙂
      Thanks for your comment! I just looove long comments, especially yours. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      • You’re welcome! I LOVE Hello, Dolly! – it’s one of my very favorites! I acted in it as the chorus in 2012 and it was SO fun! The movie with Barbara Streisand is amazing, too. I also really like the musical Annie. 😄I don’t know very many musicals, but I looove them – I’m a “triple threat” and love acting, singing, and dancing. 😀
        Yeah, the AG releases aren’t reaching for my wallet like they used to. 😛 My friend in real life is having a kind of “eh” moment with it too, so she’s asked me to help her get back into it *evil grin*.
        It was super cool! It was a spy movie with dramatic music, witty quips, and cool characters, so I loved it. 😂 Same here! Aw man, I REALLY want to read the Keeper of the Lost Cities series! It sounds awesome.
        Aw, you’re welcome! And awww, thanks! I’m so glad! 😄😄

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      • MUSICALSSS! Heehee. XD XD XD I haven’t heard of Hello Dolly, either! Annie is amazing! I acted in it once as an orphan, and it was so fun. 🙂 I also love Newsies…I got to see the off-Broadway tour of it! 😀
        Same here… :\ I’m glad you can “help your friend out!” 😀 😀 😀
        That sounds neat! Keeper is amazing! I love it. 🙂
        Thanks again for your awesome comments!!

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      • Hehehe! 😄 Ooh, Hello, Dolly! is AMAZING! Wow, you acted as an orphan?! I’ve literally always dreamed of acting in Annie as the orphan named Pepper! It sounds so fun! XD
        Yeah. :\ Thanks! 😀
        I’m going to try to see if I can find the series at my library! 😀 Awww, you’re welcome! Thanks!!

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  2. Oh my gosh, thank so much for nominating me!! Hamilton is right at the top of the list of my obsessions I fangirl over! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! I’ll definitely try to get this post up as fast as possible (I might do it on my personal blog and thank you again for nominating me, I’m so excited!! ~Julia ❤

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  3. Could someone please explain Hamilton to me? XD
    Even though I don’t really know anything about Hamilton, I bet you worked really hard on this, Grace! It looks great. 😀
    Hmmm… lately, my obsession has been Harry Potter. I finished the last book a few months ago, and I’ve already re-read every book and bought Harry Potter socks. XD And then, of course, there’s Lodestar, which I re-read every now and then. I’ve started a Google Docs that’s filled with all my Keeper theories. 😛

    -Clara ❤

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  4. okay so i swear everyone likes/has seen hamilton and then there’s me just like “????” lol. 😂
    what im obsessed with? music 100% lol. i listen to too much of it and it bugs by family but i really don’t care lol.

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  5. Hi, Grace! I’m May. I’ve been keeping up with your posts for some time, but now that I have a blog, I can actually comment! 😀 I really love your blog — and we have so much in common! Especially…
    HAMILTON!!!!!! AAGGHH!!! *fangirls* 😛 Who’s your favorite character, if you have one? Mine’s Lafayette. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  6. this is great i love haMILTON SO MUCH OH MY GOODNESS. i am way too obsessed with hamilton. this post blew us all away and i am very satisfied to have found another fan! *high fives you* p.s. sorry for the awful references….


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