A Sad But Necessary Post

Please pray for Sara and her darling pony, Beau! ❀️🐴❀️

The Daydreaming Damsel

Hey guys. Now, I never post twice in the same day. It bugs me, for reasons I’m really not sure of. But today, it felt necessary.

My best friend, Sara, has a horse named Beau. She rode him once at her stable and fell in love with him on sight. She spent almost six months trying to lease him, from convincing her parents to working out the contract agreement. Last summer, she finally got Beau as her own.

But just aΒ few weeks ago,Β Beau was found with his leg caught in the fencing of the paddock. He was covered with snow, and no one knew how long he’d been there. They got him inside and called the vet out. He was unable to stand. Sara hasn’t left his side since then, and he hasn’t showed signs of improvement. The vet thinks it is either a broken back or swelling of the…

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36 thoughts on “A Sad But Necessary Post

  1. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m still praying for Sara and Beau!

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