Bookish Interview Swap with Mahriya

*throws confetti* *passes out donuts and dark chocolate*

Hello there! Are you excited? Well, you should be, because I’m interviewing Mahriya! It’s such an honor to work with Mahriya, and I’m SO excited! 😀
But before you start reading, head over to Mahriya’s fabulous blog and give her a follow!


Let’s begin! 😀
G: Hullo Mahriya! Thanks for being here! 😀

G: What was the first book you remember reading?
M: My family loves to read; I love to read. I have no idea what my first book is but I remember enjoying books like Handa’s Suprise, The Magic Faraway Tree, and Baby Jake. These were all childhood favourites and I feel nostalgic at the mention of their names!
G: What’s your favourite book you’ve ever read?
M: WHO ASKED THIS QUESTION? *wails* Are you TRYING to get me killed, waste your words, and make me scarred for life? HOW CAN ONE EVER CHOOSE -TELL ME YOUR SECRETS. There’s Six Of Crows, Harry Potter, The Kite Runner – GAH, SO MANY.
G: Least favourite?
M: I actually have never HATED a book. Like, okay, I do get slightly angry at times (this involves killing and ripping up books and sulking) but it’s nothing serious… *laughs nervously* Ugh, I’ll just say THE DEATH CURE by James Dashner.
G: Have you ever cried during (or after) a book?
M: Good literature MAKES you cry. I believe you must have cried (or at least on the verge of tears) at least once when you’ve been exposed to REAL GOOD books, e.g The Kite Runner (Where are the tissues!)
G: Who’s your favourite author?
M: Meh, Meh. Authors. There’s J.K Rowling, Malorie Blackman, Khaled Hosseini but I don’t really focus on author’s much. Reason being, sometimes they write SUCH good books and then they write HORRIBLE ones. How can I know if I like them?
G: What is your favourite genre to read?
M: FANTASY AND DYSTOPIA. I love love love love dystopia and even though it’s kind of burnt out, I remember enjoying those books. Fantasy is one I’ve kind of always loved from long ago when I picked up Harry Potter. But, the thing is, I never read much of those 2 genres, I usually read contemporary so I’m kind of stuck on this one.
G: What books are you looking forward to reading?

M: I was going to copy and paste my TBR but then i realised that this post would never end if I did that 😀

Here’s just a few! (more like 1/10000000 books)
Crooked Kingdom (I NEED!)
The Grisha Triology
Everything Everything
G: What’s one of your weird bookish habits?
M: I spend along trying to find the perfect reading position and I take notes on quotes and page numbers whilst reading (esp. for reviews)
G: Do you keep your bookmarks safe or just use scraps of anything you can find?
M: I do have BOOKMARKS, I promise! It’s just that I never keep them with me… And I usually end up slotting in paper or the nearest things (sometimes this is a pen, i know)
G: Do you snack on food while reading?
M: FOOD AND BOOKS. Ahem, BEST COMBO. I have hot chocolate, of course, then there’s chocolate and of course, biscuits!
G: Are you a fast reader?
M: I AM THE BOOK EATER. THE BOOK EATER! Hear me? THE Book Eater. I eat books in 10 seconds flat. I have a TBR to tackle here, ya know. Of course, I have to be FAST!
G: What’s your book fandom?
M: Hmm. Six Of Crows and Harry potter. If you haven’t read these books, READ THEM NOW!
G: Do you want to be an author (why or why not?)
M: I’ve never finished writing a book. Never done a NaNoWriMo contest. Never even finished a short story. I don’t even know how I call myslef a ‘writer’ and dream of being an author when I find myself ALWAYS getting writer’s block. But yes, I will carry on dreaming.
G: Libraries or Bookstores
M: Hmm. Bookstores4life. I have this conspiracy about EVIL librarians so ahem, I’ll stay safe.
G: Do you like reading 2 (or more) books at the same time?
M: I do, indeed. I don’t like it much as my pineapple brain gets confused between the characters and plots of the 2 books. But my TBR is getting stronger every day I must defeat it!
G: Do you have any bookish OCD moments?
M: Hmm. Apart from the fact, I like to keep my books intact, I’ve got to have good lighting so I can read and some people are monsters. You see, I’ve seen people bookmark the pages with a MASSIVE fold. Fold it nicely and neatly, if you cant find a bookmark.
G: Thanks for doing this interview, Mahriya-dear! I had a blast working with you!
M: I don’t want it to end! This was so much fun and I’d love to collab with you soon!

Are you a Bibliophile?
What’s on your TBR list?
Have you ever cried whilst reading, or are you just as heartless as me?

Do tell, dearies! XD


36 thoughts on “Bookish Interview Swap with Mahriya

  1. yes, i cried reading some books. xD (a few examples are when percy/annabeth fell into tatarus in the heroes of olympus series and when augustus died in the fault in our stars.)
    and the book eater part describes me 110% lol. xD

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  2. Eek! I can’t believe Everything Everything is on on Mahriya’s TBR list-I just finished it last night! It is sew sew sew sew sew sew sew sew sew sew good! It’s definitely a favorite, along with a Fan Art by Sarah Tregay. In case you were wondering, those are both REALLY good romance novels. I kind of have reading and writing in my blood-my mom is a published author. This was a great interview! Also, thanks for the donuts and dark chocolate. 😉


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  3. I LOVE LOVE TO READ, and I agree, if you haven’t read Six of Crows or Harry Potter, WHAT ARE YOU DOING SHOO GO. Oh. My TBR. You mean that horrendously huge thing over there. Well. For starters, the Grisha trilogy, Les Mis, Caraval, All the Bright Places, and about a million others I’ve conveniently forgotten. Ahem. Oh, yes, I’ve cried from three books, but three books only, WHEN SO MANY OTHERS I’VE READ ARE SO HEARTBREAKING??? (P.S. Mahriya, prepre to have your soul crushed in Crooked Kingdom.)

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  4. I’ve been wanting to read the book Everything Everything for FOREVER! I once read the description of the book on Goodreads and immediately fell in love with it- I guess you could call it love at first sight, am I right?
    Great post.

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  5. Ha ha, that was so funny! Now I need to go read your interview, Grace…
    YES! I love books too. 🙂 Currently I’m reading Hattie Big Sky, and it’s really good! Have you read that, Grace?
    I don’t usually (or maybe ever) cry about books, but I do get sad, sometimes.
    P. S. I’m going to send your letters off today! I MUST! XD I’ll probably email you soon when I do… 😉

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  6. hi i’m new to your blog and that was a great interview! i am honestly such a bookworm i swear i spend more time in fictional worlds than i do in reality, and i get way to emotionally attached to all my characters that it usually results in me crying myself to sleep if one of them is killed off.

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  7. oh, I DEFINATLY (gah, where is spell check!?) cry while reading, especilly when characters die. Except in percy jackson, I’ve read those so many times the deaths are just part of the plot now… 😛 but yeah, the hunger games made me REALLY cry. 😥
    Most crazily, ~Olive

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  8. At first I thought Mahriya was interviewing YOU, so I thought all of these answers were yours. Yeah, somehow I missed the GIANT “MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT MAHRIYA’S INTERVIEW WITH ME!”, the repetitive “G” in front of the questions, and “M” in front of the answers… *facepalm* XD The entire time I was thinking, “Wow… Grace is crazy…” 😂😂😂

    This is so awesome! I was laughing to myself so much! You guys are hilarious! XD Reading is such an amazing thing. *happy sigh*

    Are you a Bibliophile?
    Hmm… not really. Most of the books I’ve ever read came from the library, so I don’t own as many as I’d like to. But I do really love books. XD

    What’s on your TBR list?
    •LOTR and The Hobbit book series
    •All the GOML books
    •The rest of the AG books I haven’t read yet

    Hehe! XD

    Have you ever cried whilst reading, or are you just as heartless as me?
    Just as heartless as you. XD LOL!

    Once again, this was so neat! (“Do tell, dearies!” LOLOL! XD ) And it was so fun to hear from Mahriya!


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  9. Dude. This was awesome and I could relate! Also apparently I’m a heartless Vulcan like you because I almost never cry over books. The one exception being the end of Mockingjay ASSFFGJKLKHHGFSSA I CANNOT HANDLE IT SEND HELP. 🙂

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