The Horrors of Tech Week // In Which I Educate You Ignorant Mortals

{WARNING: This post contains a large amount of sarcasm – enter at your own risk.}

*clears throat* Hellooo everyone! Welcome to the post in which – hence the title – I educate you ignorant mortals on the horrors of Tech Week. O_o


If you don’t already know, I was cast in a local theatre’s production of Alice In Wonderland JR as Tall Alice…

Image result for tall alice


This show has basically taken over my life as well as blogging, and I’ve been searching for something related to it to post about. I plan on posting some show pictures, but for now I’m going to be educating you.

Because, frens, Tech Week begins today.

Related image

^ ME ^


Tech Week, at its simplest, is a bunch of rehearsals all in a row where we bring the show together and completely add tech – lights, set, props, etc., as well as costumes, hair, and makeup.

At this point you’re probably like, “Aw c’mon Grace…this isn’t that bad.”
Me: *blank stare* *cough* Mmm hmm…sure. ( XD XD XD )

Tech Week is hard to explain for those who haven’t experienced it before. And don’t get me wrong…TW is fun. But it’s also super exhausting. And with the new setup of the theatre “program,” things are different than past years and we don’t have as much time to relax and chill. The cast also isn’t as close as years prior. 😦

Image result for tech week meme

Tech Week is tiring. Rehearsals run very late, sometimes until 11pm. The rehearsals sometimes go nice and smooth, and other times we have to start over and run the whole thing over again. If you’re in public school, you also have homework to do and school to get up for in the morning. And after four (or more!) days of rehearsals, plus a whole weekend of shows, you are exhausted. 😴 😴 😴

Image result for tech week meme

Tech Week is also tiring in another way. After being around the same people – the people you both like and, in this case, dislike – you’re just kinda like GET AWAY FROM ME PLZ. At least, I’m like that – BUT ONLY IN MY HEAD SO DON’T FREAK OUT. Especially since the cast is much younger than me, I am often bombarded by ignorant cheeldren who won’t leave me alone.
(That was entirely sarcastic…the little kids can be annoying but I also like loving them. AND THEY’RE JUST SO SHORT AND ADORABLE AND I TOWER OVER THEM SO WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE?)

Image result for theatre memes

But Tech Week is also fun. For one thing, we rehearse in full costumes, makeup/hair, and props. And that is EXCITING, frens! The magic of theatre just begins to weave itself into a beautiful, entertaining tapestry during Tech Week.

Image result for alice in wonderland gif
Me during TW: HALPPP


Related image

Tech Week is on the way – precisely 1 hour and 46 minutes – and I guess I’m as ready as I’ll ever be! Bring it on, Tech Week…it takes a lot to intimidate Tall Alice. 💪

And before I go, I want to congratulate you! You are no longer an ignorant mortal and now how a bit of a grasp as to what Tech Week really is. *hands you chocolate*

Do you enjoy my sarcastic posts?
Have you ever experienced Tech Week?
If not, did my education help you understand?

48 thoughts on “The Horrors of Tech Week // In Which I Educate You Ignorant Mortals

  1. HAHAHA, this is GREAT! Tech Week is definitely… yikes. 😬 I remember yawning the entire time I was singing because the rehearsals kept running so late the entire week, and my theater teacher barked at me, “NO YAWNING ONSTAGE!” XD It also helped that we didn’t like each other very much and that I was a very impudent eight-year-old. XDDD I wanna take theater again now. Unfortunately, none of my friends are interested so I’d be stuck in the midst of clicks and friendship groups again. 😩

    Wishing you the best of luck with Tech Week and with AIW! You are going to do GREAT! Oh yeah… it’s hard to indicate Tall Alice… 💪😄😄😄

    Oh wait! Talk to Me! Almost forgot… not… 😄

    Do you enjoy my sarcastic posts?
    Does a bear poop in the woods? I mean, uh, DUH! XD I love ALLLL your posts! They’re so awesome and inspiring and hilarious! 😄❤️❤️❤️

    Have you ever experienced Tech Week?
    Twice. *cringes* XDDD

    If not, did my education help you understand?
    You defined it very well for those who do not. 😄

    Once again, LOVED this post! I love all of your posts! 😄


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  2. Yay, chocolate! Tech Week sounds like a nightmare. I do enjoy your sarcastic posts, as I myself am a believer and user of the art of sarcasm. For instance: Tech Week sounds WONDERFUL! What a lot of SLEEP you must be getting. Not! I’ve never experienced Tech Week. I’ve never even been in a play! I tried out for one once, though. However, your post has definitely helped me understand. Honestly, I stay up later than that reading, but then I’m exhausted the next day, sew… 😬 Good luck! I’ll see you on the other side of the war.


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  3. I don’t think we’ve ever had a tech WEEK, maybe tech DAYS. I think I may encounter one this summer, though. The first time I tried on my flower costume for Alice on the Other Side I twirled around in it so much it wasn’t too bad.

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  4. yes, i definitely enjoy sarcastic posts! and yes, TW is sm workkkkk. Mine is in *thinks* 3 weeks and forbid i have any tests that week because i’ll fail them. tech day of 9-4 (sometimes) later… but i just have to remember that the reward is a show! i loved the post, btw 🙂


  5. I was just cast as a fairy in my school’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which is my first real play, and the first play my school has ever done! We just got a theater program this year! We haven’t even started rehearsals yet! Good luck surviving Tech Week, and with your show! ~Julia ❤

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  6. Okay, first thought: Tech Week? Is this some sort of internet thing? And then I was like OOH SUTTON FOSTER SHREK FREAK FLAG THEATRE (because in my theatre class, we’re doing musical theatre and we choreograph stuff to some songs, and my group has Freak Flag as our songs). My third thought was: Hmm, I don’t remember this “tech week” from when I did a play/musical/theatre show thingamajig??? And then I thought OMG GRACE IS BEING ALL WITTY AND SNARKY AND SARCASTIC WHERE IS THE SWEET NICE KIND ONE. (Haha, just kidding, you’re great both ways. ❤ ) And my last, very stupid thought was: Wait… what does it mean by "I won't belong now?" *looks at gif more closely* Ohhhhh, it says "It won't be long now" I gotchou… XD Haha, hope you have fun during tech week! 😛


  7. Lol, funny post! Eat lots of chocolate to survive. 😉 I don’t do theatre, but I kind of understand what you’re talking about. Show week for dance was pretty similar too…except over the course of three days. ;P Good luck!

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  8. It’s kinda similar to orchestra festivals – basically you practice a song at home for a few months, and then on a Friday, you practice for the first time with the whole orchestra, and then the next day you have the concert. Super nerve wracking, but super fun! 😀 Wait… you’re giving me chocolate? *snatches chocolate* *runs away*


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