Springtime Photo Dump

{title inspiration credit to Aria @ Purrfectly Inspired}

Hello everyone, and happy spring! {Yes I know spring is already here}

Ever since spring has finally arrives, I’ve been aching to get outside and take some photos. Now that the warm weather is finally here to stay (or so it seems), I was able to get outside and take some photos and enjoy God’s beautiful creation.

Let’s start with some early-blooming crocuses and magnolia buds…

Unfortunately, these guys started budding really late, and then a huge freeze came in and killed most of them. We aren’t sure if they’re going to come back or not. 😥

All right, moving on… 😉

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands.” -Psalm 91


OMGOODNESS I love this picture!

I love dirt. *sigh*

And last but not least, a bonus picture of my very adorable baby sister! 😀

Don’t worry, my mom was right outside the view of the camera to make sure she didn’t fall into the pond. 😉

Phew! That was a whole lot of pictures! Did you enjoy them? Which ones were your favorite? How is the weather where you are? *pats poor Floridians and Texans* XD



50 thoughts on “Springtime Photo Dump

  1. *is patted* Why do I live in Texaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas. *cries* Today is warm-ish. I hate the heat thooooooough. One day I’m going to move to a cool state. WHERE IT WILL ACTUALLY SNOW IN WINTER. *cries* XD And ooh, that picture that you said you loved is so cool! And haha, dirt is so awesome, isn’t it? Also AGH YOUR BABY SISTER IS SO CUUUUUUUUTE! (BTW Where do those steps in the background lead to?)

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  2. Hi! I’m new to blogging and my friend (May Everly) told me about your blog and I really like it! Your photography skills are 👍! My favorite was the second one, it looked really aesthetic to me. And don’t get me started about Texas weather 😉

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  3. Aww, your little sister is adorable. I live in New Mexico, so… Yeah, it’s really warm here. Already gotten into the 80s several times. I understand your love for dirt! It smells so good, right? I think my favorite picture was the fifth from the bottom.

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  4. ok, I’m pretty sure that by now everyone knows that i’m in love with flower photographs. ❤
    awww, your little sister is so cute! ❤ ❤ squish her for me, will you? 🙂
    Most crazily, `~Olive

    p.s. North Carolina, and the weather has been jumpy. but it going to be very warm all week! I just hope it stays! 😀


  5. Eeep, Grace, your photos are so pretty! *flails over each one* My favorite has to be the fifth from the bottom. It looks so magical and pretty and story-inspiring… XD

    Oh dear, the weather over here… well, it’s Florida. Hot… humid… ’nuff said. XD XD XD Although the spring rains are upon us. I LOVE those. 😀

    Once again, your photos are SO beautiful! *flails some more and finally dies* And I love that Psalm 91 verse! 👍

    Also, I was wondering; do you know how to sew?

    ^ Don’t know where that came from. *shrugs* XD


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    • {i’m just gonna respond to both of these comments. okay? okay.}
      Wow that was awful grammar. Er, punctuation. Gah, never mind… *facepalm*

      Annnyway, hello there! Thank ya very much! (I was actually thinking of turning that into a writing prompt! 😀 )
      Poor you… Well, stay cool and try your best not to melt on me! XD
      And to answer your question, I do! I took sewing lessons for a while but haven’t done it in a month or so. But for the most part, yes, I do! 😀
      And I’m very glad you like my graphics! I actually just changed the sidebar ones…what do you think? Do you prefer the swirly watercolor-cloud ones or these ones?
      Thanks again! 😀

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      • (Works for me! 😄 ) XDD

        You’re welcome! (Ooh! You should! Would it be okay if I took that photo and put a filter on it just to inspire myself? I’m in a short-story-writing-craze right now and love pretty photos to keep it going. 😄 )

        Hehe! I shall try. *pants* I literally broke a sweat simply swinging outside just now. 😩 😄

        Okay! I was really curious because I’m sewing doll costumes for my AGSM and wanted to see if you had ever tried sewing clothes for your dolls and if you usually used patterns, winged it, and if you used a machine or hand-sew… 😀 Wow, that was a lot of indirect question in one sentence. 😂

        OOH! I love those, too! They’re so beautiful! I think I might like them a teensy, eensy wee bit more than the others… but I love love love both. XD

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      • Heehee! XD

        Sure, that’s completely fine with me! And I’m SO honored you want to use it! 😀 *is excited*
        Haha! Poor you… XD

        Wow, that sounds awesome! I use the patterns by Simplicity that are specifically for AG dolls (Simplicity and AG paired up and made them together), but any doll pattern by Simplicity is good. And I think depending on the outfit, you can kinda wing it. You don’t have to sew everything. 😉

        Thanks for the feedback! I think I like the new ones best, too. 🙂

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      • Squeee, I edited it last night and it looks SO pretty! Makes me wanna write a short story. XD http://madigrace.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Forest-Photo-Prompt-Edited.jpg

        Thanks so much! Wow, I didn’t know AG paired up with Simplicity! That’s neat! I’ve used Simplicity a little before but not much. Thanks so much again! I sewed the first costume for my AGSM last night and despite my worries on how it might turn out wrong ’cause I was winging it, I’m so excited because it actually turned out good! Phew. 😀

        You’re welcome! They are SO pretty. 😀

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      • OH MY GOODNESS. *jaw drops* That. Looks. Amazing. Would it be okay if I uploading it to Pinterest? I’ll edit it and put something along the lines of “photo by Grace” “edited by Madi.” Seriously…it looks SO GOOD! *explodes*

        You’re welcome! Yep, they did! Their patterns are awesome. 🙂 And congrats! I’m super excited to see the costumes. 🙂

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      • Aw, thank you SOOO much! Oh, of course! If possible can you put MadiGrace.org somewhere? It’s totally fine if you can’t.XD I’m so glad you like it! That means so much! 😀

        They are! And thanks! I can’t wait to finish making the rest. 😀

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  6. Man, this ALWAYS happens. I’ll publish a comment and then… bam! The other thing I planned to say but forgot comes back to me.

    Like, how does that even work?

    XD Anyway, I just wanted to say I LOVE your new graphics! Your header and your button and your “follow” “archives” “categories” etc. graphics… squeeee! They’re so pretty! 😀


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  7. These photos are so pretty, Grace! I love the first one and the 21st one! (Have fun counting through the pictures to see which one I complimented.) XD Spring is such a happy season. 😀

    -Clara ❤

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  8. Hey, Grace!😄
    Yes, I really enjoyed all those pictures they are all so pretty😍
    My favorite ones are1st 5th 12th 17th 19th and the 20th specially the one with your baby sister she’s is soooo cute😍😍😍 ooohhhh Dirt is soooo fun! and the weather over where I am in oregon is terrible!! everyday! rain, rain, rain, rain, rain,rain AND more rain it’s so annoying 😐😐😐 like 3 times this whole month there was a couple sunny days 😑 how worm is it where you live? BTW great post!

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  9. LOVELY photography! My favorites are the one of you holding your camera, the dirt (yay for dirt!), and your baby sis (Bear, right? XD ). Good thing she didn’t fall into the pond. XD

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