TWPC Winners + Book Madness Week 3

Hello everyone, and happy Monday! *accepts glares from non-homeschoolers* XD


It is finally time to announce the long-awaited winners of The Writers Prompt Challenge! The judging was very hard this round, but I managed to pick the top three stories of all the ones entered. But thanks to everyone for entering your stories, and keep up the great writing! 😀

All right, I’ve stalled long enough. Let’s get on with the winners! 😀

Malis is supposed to be dead.

The Brand on her arm tells her so. 8/8/2545, it reads. That is the date of yesterday, her supposed death date, as told by the Branders. Not possible.

She has always felt that there is something the City did not tell them.

Just to make sure that she really is alive and not in some death-induced dream, she draws out the dagger she always carries and slides the blade across her skin. Blood, and pain. Definitely alive.

She frowns. Why isn’t she dead? Is there something wrong with her? As more seconds tick by, she finds herself slowly grinning, thrilled at the prospect of being alive.

Everywhere Malis went, people told her she was unfortunate, so unlucky to have such an early death. She always sneered at them, but inside, a dark little voice told her that they were right.

But now, look at her. Alive.

Knowing her mother and brother will report her “aliveness” to the City immediately, she snatches her cloak and pulls it on, tugging the hood over her short black hair. She stares at her blue eyes in the reflection of her dagger. They have a certain hardness to them, but also a glint, as if she is going to kill someone.

That will only happen if it comes to it.

She absentmindedly runs a thumb over her beloved pendant. The dark little voice whispers, You should be dead, Malis. Die. Die. Die. It’s as if it is willing her heart to give out on her.

She ignores it, scooping up the teacup lying on the floor and throwing it at her window. The glass shatters, and immediately, she is bombarded with the sound of rain, wind, and thunder.

A storm is exactly what she needs to escape.

May! Congratulations, May! Your story was haunting and very intriguing and I loved reading. And I also loved how you incorperated Branders into your story. Don’t stop writing (and definitely share more on your blog)! 😀

stared out the window and fingered my simple white dress that stood out starkly against my dark hair. Dread rooted it’s suffocating snares deeper and deeper though my gut and around my heart. I clenched my sister’s simple circle pendent tightly to my chest.

Ever since yesterday afternoon when the soldiers had arrived to announce my Summoning, all I had been able to do was stare through my tears at the nightmare beyond the glass panes

The giant Elder’s tower stretched up to the fiery sky above it’s peak that was bursting with all the dancing oranges and yellows of a furious fire. The storm rolling in to the west was the perfect picture of smoke in the great fire of the sky. The tower itself was made impossibly more daunting under it’s blaze. It was as gray as ash with windows speckling across it’s charcoal surface that glowed like tiny sparks from a furnace. Looking onto the tower’s looming presence  was like looking upon the gates of death itself. Or perhaps that was only true for me. After all only a very few who entered the Elder’s tower for a Summoning ever came out the same. All those that I had ever witness and known who had exited had returned with a void in their eyes and in their hearts, as if a part of them had died in there.

A knock echoed from the door. I flinched and sat paralyzed. Another knock thundered though the room. Slowly, I stood and drew my waiting cloak over my shoulders.

In a daze, I opened the door to the two waiting soldiers and followed between them without a word. Every feeling that I should have had was nonexistent. I was prepared for a part of my soul to die this day.

… Anna! Congratulations, Anna! I loved reading your story and enjoyed your description of the tower. Keep up the good work! 😀

She stood on the narrow steps, slight and with ethereal beauty, like an otherworldly creature that could blow away on the gentlest of winds.

Unfriendly eyes beset her on all sides. She was alone — utterly and completely alone. It was as though she, her pale blue dress fluttering in the breeze that teased at her dark hair, was watching everyone else from behind an unbreakable window {character prompt}.

One of the men seated in front of her spoke. She listened, but she did not hear. She watched, but she did not see. A dark storm stirred in the skies. {things to include} Lost in her own world, she twisted her head to look down at her arm, where she could see the pale silver numbers etched into her skin.

She turned back towards the man, shaking herself from her dreamy state. This time, she heard the words issued from his lips: “At birth . . . date they will die tattooed . . . you . . . supposed to die yesterday.” {word prompt} His cloak {things to include}, rustling in the ever-strengthening wind, settled to the marbled floor with a strange finality.

The words hit after a moment’s pause. She staggered back a few steps, her fingers instinctively clutching for the her mother’s pendant {things to include}, hanging on a rough string around her neck, as she stumbled. The sight of the smooth green st one, carved and bored into an intricate spiral, comforted her.

She turned her eyes towards the smoky sky, darkening with an untold doom, {picture prompt} and waited for her friends turned enemies to decide her fate.

… Sarah! Congrats, girl! Your entry was wonderful and I loved it. 🙂

Congratulations to the winners, and to all of participants in this months’ TWPC! Check out The Depth of My Faith for April’s challenge! 😀
Ladies, I will contact you for how you’d like your winners’ buttons to look, and for those who don’t have a blog, if you’d like one at all. 🙂


Before you go, make sure to check out the next round of books for Book Madness:

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And for those who are interested, I’m participating in NaPoWriMo – National Poetry Writing Month – a contest similar to NaNoWriMo. The challenge is to write a single poem every day, and I’ll be posting my poems on this page. NaPo doesn’t start until April 1st, but if you’d like to read my poems and give some constructive criticism, that’s the place to go! 😀

Thanks very much for reading, and have a wonderful day! 😀


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62 thoughts on “TWPC Winners + Book Madness Week 3

  1. I read the third place story and went HEY… I RECOGNIZE THIS… THIS IS MAY’S ENTRY! XD Congratulations, guys! Your stories are all so incredible! 😀

    Hahaha, yesterday I went to go vote on the one for Sunday and went HOW DARE YOU CLOSE BEFORE I COULD VOTE, YOU EVIL POLL. And then I saw the due date. Whoops. 😂

    Ooh! I saw your NaPo page! I’m so excited to see all of your lovely poems! I’m participating in Camp NaNo, so I’ll be writing (well, sort of. I’m just plotting a book, not doing a lot writing for it) this month, too! Good luck with NaPoWriMo and I can’t wait to see your poems! 😀

    Oh, and I voted on Book Madness! 😀 The, um, current one. 😂



    • Heehee! XD XD XD

      Woopsie, sorry dear! 😂 Thanks for voting on the new one! I’m super excited to see which book wins. 🙂

      Thanks! I’m very excited for NaPo. And good luck with Camp! That will be exciting. 🙂 Are you doing July Camp NaNo as well?
      (oh, and I will most definitely add your button to my page! I’ve been trying to format my button page a bit ’cause it bugs the crud out of me. XD )

      Liked by 1 person

  2. EEP WAHT WAHT WAHT? Oh my gosh, that made my day! I’m so glad you liked my entry, my dear fren! ❤ And wonderful entries, May and Anna — great job! 😄


  3. Congratulations, girls! And oh no, Book Madness is getting so close to the end. 😯This time the choices were easy for me, though. 😄 Now I’m off to read your poetry!


  4. OH. MY. GOODNESS. I forgot to enter my story for this month’s challenge!!! 😭
    I’ll definitely participate in next month’s challenge though.
    Congratulations girls!! Your story’s were great!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. AHHH these entries are all so amazing! Especially May’s 😉 I am starting Napo for the first time so I’m sort of excited – but sort of nervous because school is just ugh…. (also your signoff is so pretty??? how????)

    Liked by 1 person

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