An Announcement || PLEASE READ

Today, I am doing something that I never ever dreamed I would do. Throughout my entire blogging journey, I never thought I would say this. I’ve achieved so much through blogging. I’ve met amazing friends, gained a boatload of followers, and just altogether had an amazing blogging experience. It saddens me that it’s all going to end.

You all are probably freaking out and are asking a million questions, so let me explain:

I’m not going to be blogging anymore.

Before you absolutely lose control of your vocals, I just want to say that I’m as sad as you are. I have invested in this blog and the wonderful relationships that it has granted me. I have embarked on a journey through the blogging world, and now it’s coming to an end.

I don’t want this journey to end. But blogging has become such a task, and I’m finding myself absorbed in that and not spending time with my family. This is a problem, and I’m having trouble finding the answer to it.

I love you guys, and I don’t want this to end. I’ll still be reading y’all’s amazing posts, and I may check in every one in a while. But for the most part, I won’t be posting on here anymore.

I just want to say I’m so so so sorry for leaving you guys. Y’all have been amazingly kind and sweet, leaving me to best comments and feedback. I appreciate you guys so much, and every one of you are dear to me. I just want to thank you for supporting me and empowering me. ❤

I can’t go into too much detail here, but if you’d like to read more and ask me any questions, please CLICK RIGHT HERE.

Thank you again for your wonderful support and making my blogging experience an amazing one. ❤


Please don’t kill me…

170 thoughts on “An Announcement || PLEASE READ

  1. Such a well thought out post! I was just about to launch into some huge speech about what a great and inspiring blogger you’ve been, when I started scrolling through the previous comments. I hadn’t clicked the link, you see. Huh, this doesn’t make sense, I thought. Then I got it and it was so funny. I was too relieved to be ashamed of my gullibility!

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  2. I was wondering how did you get your blog known and do you have any tips for other bloggers?

    (I know this question has nothing to do with april fools day)



  3. Ooooooommmmmmmgggggg!!!!!!!!!!!! That made my heart drop !!! I was like she is giving up so much and then I read the comments!!!😱🙄😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣👍🏼Good prank!🤣😝😂

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  4. I started hypervetalating (Hyperventiliting? Hypervintalating?) until I read the comments. GRACE YOU MEAN LITTLE THING!!! XD Awesome idea, though.
    ~ Rainbow Girl ❤

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