May Recap & Summer Goals {the publish button is my enemy}

GRR. Somehow, instead of saving my draft, I accidentally hit publish??? I’m not sure how that happened. 😡 I actually didn’t know it happened until I went to my friend’s house and saw the post on her email. Believe me, we had a good laugh. XD

So please erase that from your brains and enjoy this completed, updated version of this post. 😉


Well everyone, summer has arrived.

Image result for SUMMER gif

Okay, not technically ’til June 21st, but same difference. 😉

When I first wrote this post, I intended to do a regular recap, but as I got on with writing the post, I realized that I didn’t really writing these kinds of posts. They’re fun, but they don’t really feel real to me.

So instead, I’m going to be sharing a little more in-depth about what I’m planning this summer, along with my goals and what I did this past month. 🙂


i legit had to go through my bujo to see what i did this month XD
  • I designed and announced my new blog! // I’ve been busy this month setting up and designing my new blog – Charis Rae! It was frustrating – shoutout to May and Liv and all the peeps at Ydubs for help! – but I finally managed to nail down my design and layout. 🙂

  • I am now obsessed with Fidget Spinners. Okay, not obsessed, but they’re just so fun to spin around! aghhhh XD
  • I agonized over Camp NaNoWriMo // Okay, that’s technically not true. But I still struggled with figuring out my WIP, giving up & switching WIPs, and all that jazz. *starts singing Chicago* XD
  • I performed in my ballet recital! // pictures below (sorry for the bad quality):

    {click the photos to enlarge}

    I’m the blond-ish one in the ballet part, the girl next to the boy (Owen) in our tap dance, and Princess Leia in our Star Wars jazz dance. 🙂

  • My sister started a blog!!! She loves crafts, and thought it would be fun to start a craft blog to share tutorials and things she’s made. I’m sure she’d appreciate a visit from you! Click here or the link above. 🙂
    (she’s getting ready to do a post of her sewing projects. 😉 )
  • I was super active in Ydubs. As I’ve mentioned, I’m in a writing workshop (with Light4theLord!). It’s been really fun and beneficial, and I’m excited for the up-and-coming changes that are going on. 🙂 Plus, they’re going to be opening up for registrations! Click here to find out more.
  • And as I said above, I’ve really been working hard on designing and creating Charis Rae. It’s been frustrating and has taken up some time, but I’m finally to a place where I’m happy with the theme, design, and other things. 🙂



In addition to goals, I’ll also be posting some upcoming camps and activities of the summer. 🙂

  • Read 10 books || (one of which must be a book on writing craft)
  • Complete Draft 2 of These Stranger Tides || *shudders* This is proving to be very challenging, but I’m hoping and working hard to revise and eventually re-write for Camp in July.
  • Make macarons and mango chips || I found a recipe for Gluten and Dairy free macarons and am so excited! I’d also like to make some mango chips with our dehydrator. 🙂
  • Take lots of beach/outdoor photos
  • Learn a lot during dance classes || We’re going to be having some guest teachers and doing some hard stuff at intensive and summer classes, and I’m really nervous but wanting to have an open mind and learn a lot.
  • Stretch every day || I’ve already kinda failed this one, ’cause I’ve had early-morning camps and that’s when I stretch, but I’m hoping to get in a strong streak of stretches (alliteration, anyone??) and improve my technique and flexibility.
  • Launch Charis Rae || Well duh. 😛 This will happen very soon! 😀
  • Plus, I’ve already participated in a sewing camp, and am going to do an art camp and possibly help with dance camp! Phew – my summer is going to be busy! XDAnd I’m also going to be going on vacation to the beach in North Carolina! I am SO excited and am not going to be able to wait so long. XD

Well everyone, that concludes my May wrap-up and summer goals! But before I go, I’m going to be sharing the schedule for my launch tour.

Participants, you can use this for reference in your posts. There were also a few changes and two new people signed up, but that will not affect your posts or days.

{ June 16 }
{ June 17 }
{ June 18 }
Brooke –
{ June 19 }
Thanks so much to all of the amazing participants! You guys are seriously the best. 🙂 I’m really excited for the tour and can’t wait to see your all’s posts. 🙂

Do you ever hit the publish button by accident?
What’s  your summer lookin’ like? What are your plans and goals?
Are you excited for my blog tour? Make sure to follow to be up-to-date on all the happenings!


54 thoughts on “May Recap & Summer Goals {the publish button is my enemy}

  1. I hit the publish button on accident ALL THE TIME. And I’m always so embarrassed. Luckily I’m not doing that anymore! 😛

    AGH I’M TRYING TO GET MY SIS TO START A BLOG ON CRAFTS TOO!!! She’s a SUUUUUPER crafty person and I think it would be awesome if she blogged. But I told her “when she’s twelve” because I feel like that’s an age where she can get to know more people (whereas at her age, ten-soon-to-be-eleven). Ah, we’re having intensives and master classes as well! I’m excited, even though I had ballet and jazz on Monday and I am STILL SORE. XD And I find that stretching right before you go to bed is really nice! It’s a way to wind down and feel relaxed. 🙂 AND I BETTER READ STRANGER TIDES SOON.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Lol, I was really confused when this posted without being completed XD But great post! Your sister’s blog looks super cute and ALKSJDJ YOUR NEW BLOG I’M LEGIT SO EXCITED FOR IT AHHHH. IT LOOKS SO LOVELY.

    I love your goals, too! And oh also wait yeah are you still interested in being a part of the Wordsmiths 2.0 (XD) cabin for July? :))

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I hit the publish button once, and it was my worst nightmare because I was new to blogging and was trying SOOO hard to delete it, but it took like twenty minutes..
    So that amount of time probably allowed quite a few people to read that unfinished work….
    Ahh, the embarrassment..

    FIDGET SPINNERS!! Everywhere I go I meet so many people who love those things. But I mean like- I can argue because I secretly use my best friends’, so uhhh…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. *deep breath* I have never accidentally published a post early and I hope I never will. *makes mental note in ma head* XD
    And, by the way, love the Olaf gif! XD
    I CAN’T WAIT FOR CHARIS RAE!!! The launch is SO SOON already. *squeals*
    Yess, forget spinners are so fun to twirl around! (Do I overuse exclamation points? XD) Have you ever spun a fidget spinner on your nose? XD
    -Sara ❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

      • Haha, YES!! It sounds not-so-fun. XD
        YEP AGAIN! Yeah, I can only spIn it on my nose for about ten seconds, then it falls off. XD Gosh, now I wanna grab my fidget spinner now. *runs off* XD


  5. ARGH I hate it when that happens! When I accidentally publish a post that’s not finished yet I start panicking (sort of) and I’m like, “WAIT WHAT OH NO HELP AHHHHH!” XD Heh heh.
    Ooh, I followed your sister’s blog and I can’t wait to read her posts!
    Wow! That looks like a super fun and busy summer ahead for you! I hope it’s a great one! The things I’m looking forward to this summer are going on vacation and hopefully getting lots of pictures, starting an Etsy shop for my art, and of course, swimming. 🙂 Ahh I’m just so excited to start doing summer things! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes indeed! I’ve only done it two or three times, but it’s still so annoying!
      Thanks, Allison! She appreciates it. 🙂
      Ooh, your summer plans sound fantastic! Same here, heehee. 😛
      (did you see that WP stopped turning XD into an emoji? #RUDE)

      Liked by 1 person

  6. So far, I haven’t accidentally clicked the publish button… Hopefully I will continue not too D: XD . Ooh, fidget spinners! My cousins got them, and they’re quite fun, I’m just not sure that I want to get one…. I am looking forward to summer plans and things!! I have a couple trips during summer, and I wrote out goals in my Bujo, and hope to do quite a bit of reading (I finished The Magician’s Nephew and am about to read The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe as I planned from Book Madness! 😀 ) I also hope to finish the book I started in April’s Nano, but I might not be able to do July Nano because July might be pretty busy… but maybe I can squeeze it in!
    Ooh, I’m looking forward to seeing your new blog! And I’ll have to check out the blog tour, too!
    Have a great summer!
    P.S. You’re summer goals and Memorable moments images are really pretty! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Great post, Charis! Ooh, I can’t get over how pretty your real name is. It’s totally, totally beautiful.

    My sister (9) has a blog, but doesn’t post that much anymore. She didn’t really find many bloggers her own age. How old is your sister? Maybe they could check each others blogs out? My sister blogs here:

    Mango chips!? Don’t tell May. *winks* She’ll be after those. 😁😏

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I HATE hitting the publish button by accident because EVERYTHING goes haywire. I once did it, and because I’ve linked my blog to Twitter, it publishes a tweet with promotion of my post automatically. SO I deleted it like 5 seconds after but I got like so many replies to my tweet – WHERE IS THE POST GONE? THE LINK DOESN’T WORK and I panicked. GAH #struggles

    I SO WANT TO READ YOUR BOOK, Stranger Tides, it sounds fantabulous and wonderful! OHMIGOSH I relate so much, I always refer to my BuJo to see what my life was like for that month #GOLDFISHmoments
    AHH, I got 2 fidget spinners. One pretty one that’s not very good at spinning. And one quite normal one which actually spins and is fun AND I LOVE ‘EM! I’m checking out your sister’s blog now because I’m sure it is fantastic. Design is totally fun but like TIIIMMMME, it is so stressful to get it perfect, but Charis Rae – the blog – looks SO AWESOME – i mean i obviously haven’t seen it *hides*

    Who isn’t excited for summer? 10 books? THAT’s A GREAT GOAL. I’m hoping to get 8 books per month on average so I finish (*calculates* 6 months left) so 48 added to my current 40 like 88-90 books which is LIKE GREAT, hopefully? I want to make macaroons, you better update us with pictures of them.

    My summer is gonna be filled with reading, trying to write my first ever book, and just birthday fun! Plans, goals? HAHA LET ME RUN!

    Liked by 1 person

    • same here! Ugh, that sounds like a nightmare.

      aw THX DEAR. I’ll definitely contact you when I’m ready for betas. I’m sure you’ll have some amazing feedback for my messy draft 2. XD

      Thanks! She appreciates it. 🙂 AND YUSSS THE LAUNCH IS SO CLOSE I’M SO NERVOUS. O_o Especially since I’ve had trouble with the follow button. 😡 But I’m still VERY excited!!!

      WOAH. That’s a lot of books, sista. Good luck! I’m sure your Goodreads will be exploding. XD (and I sure will!)

      Great goals and plans, dear! Good luck, and thanks for your comment. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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