Charis Rae Launch Tour: Day 1


Hullo, and welcome to day one of my very own launch tour! I honestly can’t believe this is happening – it seems only yesterday that I created my very first public blog, or made the transfer to WordPress, or even discovered what blogging was!

Now, years hence, I am moving to a self-hosted, professional-esque website.

To celebrate my launch and help spread the word, you guys signed up to participate in the launch tour of my brand-new blog!

Those who signed up were able to see my blog before the official launch, but the rest of you haven’t seen it yet! :O

It is with deep pleasure that I present my new blog:




*freaks out*

I am so excited to finally be able to share my blog with you guys! I’ve always dreamed of self-hosting but never thought it would actually happen. Thank you all so much for your support and helping me achieve one of my deepest goals! 😀

First off, I’d like to thank all of the amazing people for signing up. You guys are awesome and I really appreciate your support! I also want to thank the followers who didn’t sign up for one reason or another – I love you guys and you’re seriously the best. ❤



{ June 16 }
{ June 17 }

Well everyone, that concludes the first day of my launch tour! This post was short, but thank you so much for reading.   Make sure to check out the rest of the tour, and visit to read more about me, my blog, and subscribe for more posts! 😀

Also, I’m going to be having limited access to WiFi, so I may not get the next posts up as soon as I’d like. So just refer back to this post to see the schedule and check out the other blogs participating!
Thanks so much everyone! 😀


33 thoughts on “Charis Rae Launch Tour: Day 1

  1. AHH YAY I’LL HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT! Congrats! I’ve wanted to self host for some time…but I have to find a non-derpy website name first! XD


  2. Oh my goodness your new blog is so pretty i can’t stop for a breath cos i’m so excited.😉
    WOW Charis you’ve done such an AMAZING JOB!! *gives you doughnuts*
    BTW i signed up on your new blog!! Even though i don’t comment much i will ALWAYS READ EVERY SINGLE POST OF YOURS!! Oh and…….*pats you on the back* self hosting!!
    bye for now!!

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    • Self-hosting is basically where you pay for your webspace. You’re able to customize and create a more professional blog. So instead of having, it’s simply .com.
      It may seem kinda silly, but instead of relying on a service such as WordPress, you’re doing things yourself and, if you earn money, can earn money through it.

      Sorry if that didn’t make sense…it might be easier just to look it up since I’m no pro. 😉

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