About Grace

I’m Grace, the heart and soul behind this blog.

Among many things, I am a dancer, dreamer, writer & photographer, thespian, comment sucker, and lover of life.

You’all often find me lost in the pages of a novel, capturing moments in life with my camera, crafting stories and plots in my head, or dancing in to the rhythm of my heart.

I’m passionate about performing arts, photography, writing, and living life to the full. I’m both introverted and extroverted, with a love for expressing myself through blogging.

I hope you enjoy my crazy, enthusiastic self as well as the random thoughts and rambles swirling in my head, which I somehow manage to organize into posts for you to read. 😉

Stay amazing, and thanks for stopping by!
I’d love to chat in the comments with you, so don’t hesitate to “Talk to Me.” 😊

206 thoughts on “About Grace

  1. LOL! 😀 😛 XD Well, I guess I should word it this way – unicorns were real. (I believe they were really and truly real, but they were hunted for their horn and are now extinct)
    Hehe! XD 😛 😀 🙂

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  2. I love your blog! We’re so similar: I love reading, writing, God’s beautiful world, dancing (not professionally, just in the kitchen to the radio 😉 ) and food! 😀
    Simi ~ simizat.wordpress.com

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  3. I love this page, Grace!! All the little images are so cute! And I’m also dying over your blog design – it’s AMAZING! 😀
    Also, just wanted to point out, as I see it as a duty to my fellow Jedi, but if you are on The Dark Side, you wouldn’t be called a Jedi, you would be a Sith. Jedi are Light Side, Sith are Dark Side 😉
    *shakes head* You disappoint me, Grace. How dare you betray me and join the Dark Side? I will try to win you back… SOMEHOW!!! XD

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  4. Hello! I am a beginner blogger and am looking for any tips/advice you would mind giving me! One of my questions is how to make your own images. Also, any other tips would be great! Thank you!

    || Olivia ||

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    • Hello Olivia! Wow, I’m flattered that you are coming to me for advice. Thank you!
      Here are some of my top tips:
      -Use correct grammar (which you seem to have no trouble with).
      -Make your posts the highest quality you can – it’s better to write longer posts with more in them than a bunch of short ones all at once.
      -Try to post pretty regularly – don’t write ten posts in three days then suddenly disappear for three weeks.
      -The best way to gain readers is to comment and follow others’ blogs. (You can leave a link to your blog in your comment)
      -Have fun! You shouldn’t be blogging if you don’t think it’s fun, right?

      Regarding images:
      The regular pictures you see on here are taken by me unless otherwise noted. As for the other images, I find an image on the internet and go to picmonkey.com to edit them. PicMonkey has a lot of cool features – text, image editing, overlays, borders, etc. Once I’m done adding what I want to add, I click save and add it into my post. 🙂

      I wish you luck on your blogging journey! Let me know if you have any more questions. 🙂
      ~Grace ❤

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  5. hello there :)) i found your blog through Allison’s and i just thought i’d say hi. i should be following it now (at least a clicked follow). anyways, i love your blog! i think it’s so pretty. so yup 🙂



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