Matilda the Musical Photo Dump – Part 1

Hello everyone, and welcome to my first post coming back from my hiatus! 😀
Today’s post is another photo dump – this time from photos taken on my trip to see Matilda the Musical! 😀

I’m dividing the complete “photo dump” into three categories – photos from the actual show, photos from a beautiful park we visited, and other “misc” photos. I’ve got a boatload this time, so let’s get started! 😀

But before I begin, I’d just like to point out the bit of “Spring Cleaning” I’ve been doing. I polished up some sidebar graphics, designed a new header, and designed a bunch of new featured images! If you scroll through my old posts, you’ll be able to see them all. 😉 (And as always, feedback is appreciated!)



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Grace’s Epic Return + FOCUS {April Edition} + Book Madness Winner!

. *confetti canons* *crowds cheering* *waves at adoring fans*

Yes, I have finally returned from my trip to see Matilda the Musical! Some of you “heard from me” sooner than others, since I couldn’t bear to leave you guys for too long, but I’m finally back in all of my glory!
For my readers as of April 2017, you know from my last post that I went on a hiatus. I have deleted that post because it was terrible and cringy, so future readers won’t know what I’m talking about. But I have finally returned from my week-long break and am back in full glory!


In today’s post, other than celebrating my return, I’ll be answering the questions to Allie Taylor’s bi-monthly FOCUS link-up, as well as announcing the winners of Book Madness! 😀

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March 2017 Recap & April Goals + Book Madness FINALE

I’m startin’ to get better… 😛

Anyway, happy April! I’m very excited for the coming month – to leave the winter weather behind and soak in the spring, move forward with my writing, complete NaPoWriMo, and watch you campers suffer in agony while I sit back and write a poem and chill.

But this post isn’t about April. Er, not entirely. This post is about March, and a recap of what has happened. 🙂

Shall we begin?

{credit to May for layout inspiration}


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TWPC Winners + Book Madness Week 3

Hello everyone, and happy Monday! *accepts glares from non-homeschoolers* 😄


It is finally time to announce the long-awaited winners of The Writers Prompt Challenge! The judging was very hard this round, but I managed to pick the top three stories of all the ones entered. But thanks to everyone for entering your stories, and keep up the great writing! 😀

All right, I’ve stalled long enough. Let’s get on with the winners! 😀

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Penny’s New Beginning Blog Tour + Book Madness Week 2

*trumpet fanfare* Hello everyone, and welcome to the blog tour of Penny’s New Beginning! Anika Joy, a well-known blogger from around these parts, is publishing her first-ever novella, and I’m participating. 🙂 And I’m also going to be sharing the next round of Book Madness, so make sure to read the whole post! 😀

The blog tour of Penny’s New Beginning begins today, March 21st, and ends on the 23rd. Make sure to check out all of the lovely blogs participating in the tour! (A list of tour participants will be included at the end of this post.)

For my part of the tour, I’m going to be spotlighting the book, reviewing the book, and interviewing the author.

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