Boring Into Beautiful Photography Contest (BIBPC) is a contest hosted by Megan @ A Barefoot Gal. 
Here are my entries from BIBPC the Fourth:

BIBPC #4 (Current)


I’m on Team Raccoon!

Category 1: The View from Above

image (48)

While on a vacation in the mountains, my family and I went hiking high into the mountains. Once we reached the top, I took out my camera and took several photos of the valley below.

Category 2: Blue

Note: I hope this photo doesn’t freak anyone out or make anyone feel uncomfortable! Although eye photos are pretty, sometimes they can be a little weird since, you know, you’re photographing your eyeball. XD

As soon as Megan posted the new category – blue – I immediately thought of my eyes, which are blue. After lots of duds, I finally managed to photograph a picture of my eye that turned out pretty good!

Category 3: Sweet

NOTE: For this category, I chose a photo of my baby sister. Due to my parents not wanting her picture on my blog, I emailed my entry to Megan. A special thank-you to Megan for letting me send it in this way! 😀

👶 👶 👶

I was having a super hard time figuring out what to photograph – my mom  doesn’t like us to have things that are too sweet/sugary, so getting a picture of something sweet was a challenge. I then remembered that I had taken some photos of my adorable and very sweet baby sister and picked one I liked to send in!

Category 4: New


I was really excited for the new (HA! SEE WUT I DID THERE?) category, especially with the nice weather. Crocuses have begun to poke up from the ground, and are certainly new to the season! 😀

Category 5: Night

I had a little trouble deciding what to photograph for “night,” but I finally decided on snapping photos of a nearby streetlamp, which I think turned out great! 😀

Category 6: Adventure

I had a wonderful, adventurous family vacation in the mountains, and this was one of my favorite photos from the trip. 🙂

Category 7: Animal Close-Ups


My animals are very restless and don’t sit still for very long, and with rehearsals and shows, I haven’t really been able to sit down and get some good photos of them. I was digging around in my photography folder, when I found an adorable photo of our friend’s baby chicks!
This photo was taken on a beautiful spring day at our friend’s farm, while we were helping out with farm chores, and of course getting to cuddle the chicks! 😀

BIBPC The Fifth Poster:



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