Launch Post Preview for Liv the Amazing <3

Hello everyone, and welcome to the most exciting post of your lifetime! 😀 just kidding

I’m here today with some super exciting things about my NEW BLOG – and way for you to participate in its launch! 😀 I am very excited, so let’s jump right in!


I’ve mentioned my new blog a few times, but in case you missed it, I’ll explain. I’m going to be transferring TGU to a new, self-hosted platform.  Why exactly am I doing this? Well, I want to be able to boost my blog to the next level and learn how to properly manage the inner workings of self-hosting and coding. I’ve thought of doing this for a while, and what better time than the present? 🙂

Aren’t you dying to see the new blog?? Well, wait no more! 😀



Charis Rae!

{yes that’s my real name}

Here’s a small summary of what my blog is going to be about:

Hello peoples of the World Wide Web!
I’m Charis, a homeschooled teen and the resident blogger of these parts. Welcome to my blog! 😀


My goal with Charis Rae is to share my interests, abilities, and journey through life, with all of you along for the ride. Only God knows where this blog will take me, but I’m excited to have you guys right beside me.

Are you excited? Exploding inside? I sure am! 😀 But wait – there’s moreYou – my amazing and loyal follower – can participate in the launch of Charis Rae! 😀


To help celebrate and spread the word of my new blog, I’m going to  be hosting a launch tour! Similar to the book tours you’ve seen around the web, you guys can sign up to write a post on my blog – telling your readers about my blog launch, sharing an interview, and basically just spotlighting and spreading the word of my blog. 🙂


The launch tour will be from June 19-22, with a possible addition of June 23in case I get an overflow of people.
Once I get enough people signed up, I will email you all of the info for your posts, as well as what day you’ll post on. And don’t worry – I’ll make sure you get plenty of time to get your posts ready beforehand. 😉

In the meantime, make sure to spread the word of my new blog, like, comment, and leave suggestions for what sort of content you’d like to see! 😀


Signing up is simple! Fill out the form below and click submit! In a week or so, I’ll email you with details and information for your posts. 🙂


I made some buttons for you to display on your sidebar to show that you’re on board with the launch! Pick your favorite from the ones below, add it to your sidebar, and make sure to link back to my new blog! 😀



ARE YOU EXCITED for my new blog? To learn my real name?
Are you signing up for the tour?

If you have any questions, leave a comment below! 😀