Book Madness {Week 1}

{a featured image is coming soon – I’ve been having some editing problems}

Hello everyone, and welcome to Book Madness! 😀


Per inspiration of March Madness, I decided to host my own Book Madness – a contest where all of you vote on your favorite books and pick a winner! 😀

The contest is very simple: You will visit a form, where you will vote on pairs of books and eventually pick a winning book! 😀
Each week, I will post a new form with the new pairs of books. And starting next week, I’ll post an updated Book Madness bracket so we can keep track of all of the books.

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Happy Birthday to The Girl Upstairs

One year ago, I registered The Girl Upstairs with WordPress.
Little did I know how far this blog would go, the friendships I would make, and the experience I would gain.
In just one year, I’ve come farther than I ever thought possible. I’ve met & interacted with thousands of other bloggers, reached over 200 followers, and have – I hope – been able to make the blogging world even better with my light and love.

🎉 Let’s celebrate! 🎉


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The Writer’s Prompt Challenge – March 2017

Hello everyone, and welcome to month two of The Writer’s Prompt Challenge! 😀


First off, I’d like to express my apologies to Allie Taylor and the TWPC participants. This challenge was originally supposed to be posted last week, but I didn’t get it up in time. It was Tech Week for Alice in Wonderland, as well as having five shows over the course of 55 hours (about three days), and life has been a hectic whirlwind.

Anyhow, I’m here today (one week late) with the second edition to TWPC. 🙂

{I promise I’ll get around to changing these graphics 😄 }

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The Madi Grace Launch Celebration!


Hello everyone, and welcome to the exciting co-launch party of Madison Lorfing’s NEW personal blog – Madi Grace! If you don’t know Madison, she runs Delightful World of Dolls, a super popular, amazing doll blog. Now, Madi has decided to start her very own personal blog! 🎉🎉🎉

And guess who’s here to interview her – and help kick off her blog to an awesome start?
Why, me of course! 😀

I’ll be interviewing Madison, giving you a glimpse of the new blog, and afterward giving your the link to the official launch post! 😀

🎉 3…2…1…LET’S GO! 🎉

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The Horrors of Tech Week // In Which I Educate You Ignorant Mortals

{WARNING: This post contains a large amount of sarcasm – enter at your own risk.}

*clears throat* Hellooo everyone! Welcome to the post in which – hence the title – I educate you ignorant mortals on the horrors of Tech Week. O_o


If you don’t already know, I was cast in a local theatre’s production of Alice In Wonderland JR as Tall Alice…

Image result for tall alice


This show has basically taken over my life as well as blogging, and I’ve been searching for something related to it to post about. I plan on posting some show pictures, but for now I’m going to be educating you.

Because, frens, Tech Week begins today.

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Bookish Interview Swap with Mahriya

*throws confetti* *passes out donuts and dark chocolate*

Hello there! Are you excited? Well, you should be, because I’m interviewing Mahriya! It’s such an honor to work with Mahriya, and I’m SO excited! 😀
But before you start reading, head over to Mahriya’s fabulous blog and give her a follow!


Let’s begin! 😀
G: Hullo Mahriya! Thanks for being here! 😀

G: What was the first book you remember reading?
M: My family loves to read; I love to read. I have no idea what my first book is but I remember enjoying books like Handa’s Suprise, The Magic Faraway Tree, and Baby Jake. These were all childhood favourites and I feel nostalgic at the mention of their names!
G: What’s your favourite book you’ve ever read?
M: WHO ASKED THIS QUESTION? *wails* Are you TRYING to get me killed, waste your words, and make me scarred for life? HOW CAN ONE EVER CHOOSE -TELL ME YOUR SECRETS. There’s Six Of Crows, Harry Potter, The Kite Runner – GAH, SO MANY.
G: Least favourite?
M: I actually have never HATED a book. Like, okay, I do get slightly angry at times (this involves killing and ripping up books and sulking) but it’s nothing serious… *laughs nervously* Ugh, I’ll just say THE DEATH CURE by James Dashner.
G: Have you ever cried during (or after) a book?
M: Good literature MAKES you cry. I believe you must have cried (or at least on the verge of tears) at least once when you’ve been exposed to REAL GOOD books, e.g The Kite Runner (Where are the tissues!)
G: Who’s your favourite author?
M: Meh, Meh. Authors. There’s J.K Rowling, Malorie Blackman, Khaled Hosseini but I don’t really focus on author’s much. Reason being, sometimes they write SUCH good books and then they write HORRIBLE ones. How can I know if I like them?
G: What is your favourite genre to read?
M: FANTASY AND DYSTOPIA. I love love love love dystopia and even though it’s kind of burnt out, I remember enjoying those books. Fantasy is one I’ve kind of always loved from long ago when I picked up Harry Potter. But, the thing is, I never read much of those 2 genres, I usually read contemporary so I’m kind of stuck on this one.
G: What books are you looking forward to reading?

M: I was going to copy and paste my TBR but then i realised that this post would never end if I did that 😀

Here’s just a few! (more like 1/10000000 books)
Crooked Kingdom (I NEED!)
The Grisha Triology
Everything Everything
G: What’s one of your weird bookish habits?
M: I spend along trying to find the perfect reading position and I take notes on quotes and page numbers whilst reading (esp. for reviews)
G: Do you keep your bookmarks safe or just use scraps of anything you can find?
M: I do have BOOKMARKS, I promise! It’s just that I never keep them with me… And I usually end up slotting in paper or the nearest things (sometimes this is a pen, i know)
G: Do you snack on food while reading?
M: FOOD AND BOOKS. Ahem, BEST COMBO. I have hot chocolate, of course, then there’s chocolate and of course, biscuits!
G: Are you a fast reader?
M: I AM THE BOOK EATER. THE BOOK EATER! Hear me? THE Book Eater. I eat books in 10 seconds flat. I have a TBR to tackle here, ya know. Of course, I have to be FAST!
G: What’s your book fandom?
M: Hmm. Six Of Crows and Harry potter. If you haven’t read these books, READ THEM NOW!
G: Do you want to be an author (why or why not?)
M: I’ve never finished writing a book. Never done a NaNoWriMo contest. Never even finished a short story. I don’t even know how I call myslef a ‘writer’ and dream of being an author when I find myself ALWAYS getting writer’s block. But yes, I will carry on dreaming.
G: Libraries or Bookstores
M: Hmm. Bookstores4life. I have this conspiracy about EVIL librarians so ahem, I’ll stay safe.
G: Do you like reading 2 (or more) books at the same time?
M: I do, indeed. I don’t like it much as my pineapple brain gets confused between the characters and plots of the 2 books. But my TBR is getting stronger every day I must defeat it!
G: Do you have any bookish OCD moments?
M: Hmm. Apart from the fact, I like to keep my books intact, I’ve got to have good lighting so I can read and some people are monsters. You see, I’ve seen people bookmark the pages with a MASSIVE fold. Fold it nicely and neatly, if you cant find a bookmark.
G: Thanks for doing this interview, Mahriya-dear! I had a blast working with you!
M: I don’t want it to end! This was so much fun and I’d love to collab with you soon!

Are you a Bibliophile?
What’s on your TBR list?
Have you ever cried whilst reading, or are you just as heartless as me?

Do tell, dearies! 😄

♥ God’s Love ♥

Happy (late) Valentine’s Day, everyone!

I was very conflicted as to what to post for V-Day, and I finally ran out of time yesterday (due to dance and Alice In Wonderland rehearsal). I was going to post a doll photoshoot, then I thought about doing a super sarcastic posts and about being a #singlepringle, but…

*ahem* *actually clears throat in real life as i write that* O_o 😄 😛

Valentine’s Day has always been a weird “holiday” for me. I don’t really view it as a holiday…just an excuse to eat a bunch of sugary junk that makes people sick. I’m also a proud #singlepringle – I don’t have a boyfriend or crush and probably never will…my fangirl standards are too high. 😂😂😂

But this Valentine’s Day (today, actually…but better a day late than never!), my viewpoint switched somewhat. Instead of thinking of love from a man, I’ve been thinking all about God’s love and what He has to say about it.

Image result for bible verses about love


But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be children of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked. – Luke 6:35

 Image result for bible verses about love


And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. – 1 Corinthians 13:13

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Remember, through all things, God loves you – despite your shortcomings and sins. He sent His son for you, and offers you eternal life.

May God’s love surround, comfort, and encourage you. ♥