The Goodreads Tag // In Which I Get to Ramble about BOOKS

I love books.
I love talking.
So what could be better than talking about books?

The lovely Hannah @ The World Is Quiet Here tagged me for The Goodreads Tag! And what could be better than talking about books? I mean, seriously.
So let’s begin! 😀


What was the last book you marked as ‘Read’?


The Selection by Kiera Cass. This book was pretty good – I haven’t read much YA and decided to try it because my mom used to know the author. It was okay…not my favorite, and there were some make-out scenes. 😒 🙄 🤢 I don’t plan on reading the rest of the series. 😦

What are you currently reading?

15937108           433533

Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan and Rilla of Ingleside by L.M. Montgomery. I haven’t read RoI in several days, but I’m almost finished with Counting by 7s and am enjoying it! 😀 Willow is a great character, though I’ll definitely be doing a review of my thoughts. Even though reviewing books is actually super hard. XD

What was the last book you marked as ‘To Read’?


(other than Counting by 7sWordsmithy, by Douglas Wilson. A contributor to the Young Writer’s Workshop recommended it, and I added it right away. The cover is super boring, but from what Jaquelle (the contributor) said, it has some great insight. 🙂

Do you use the star system?

Usually I’ll give my book a quick rating, but I don’t have the time to really think super hard about it and give in-depth reviews. :\

Are you doing the 2017 Reading Challenge?

Yep! My current goal is 75, but I’m thinking of switching it to 100…I’ve read nearly 40 books and it’s only May. 🙂
At the beginning of last school year, I also took on the challenge of reading all of the Newbery winners. I’ve read about one-third of the books so far, and am hoping to finish the rest during the summer. *nervous laughter*

Do you have a wishlist?

I’m usually not one for buying books…my bookshelf isn’t huge, and I don’t want to buy a book that I won’t like. But I would like The Giver (maybe the quartet?), the Out of Time series by Nadine Brandes, and some writing books.

Who are your favorite authors?

I’m not an author kind of person…I just read the book and it’s a yay or nay. ( XD ) Most times I never really pay attention to the author’s name, unless I look up the author on Goodreads or something.
But the ones I can think of are:

  • Shannon Messenger
  • Lisa McMann
  • Gail Carson Levine
  • L.M. Montgomery
  • Jane Austen

I don’t even know from there. 😂

Have you joined any groups?

Nope! I actually deleted my old Goodreads account and made a new, personal one, which I haven’t shared with anyone yet. 😮

How many Goodreads Shelves do you have?

10 – To Read; Currently Reading; Read; (read in) 2013-15; (read in) 2016; (read in) 2017; Favorites; For School; Newbery Winners – To Read; Newbery Winners – Read.

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Did you guys enjoy this post?
Do you like talking about books as much as I do?


NaPoWriMo 2017 Recap

I have succeeded in completing my first year of NaPoWriMo.

Image result for let the games begin gif

Thank you, thank you. *bows*

Hello, and welcome to my first-ever recap of NaPoWriMo! 😀 This year, for Camp NaNoWriMo, I decided to take the challenge of writing poetry and practicing my skills as a poet. And watch you campers all suffer, of course.

In today’s post, I’ll be sharing how my NaPo experience went, my thoughts and struggles, and my poems, as well as lots of photos and gifs.

Let’s begin!

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Birthday Haul 2017

Well, I’m officially an old soul.

Hey guys, and welcome to my first ever birthday haul! I recently had my birthday, and I thought it would be fun to share what I got! (Hint: lots of books and clothes. XD #teenager)
And before you guys comment saying “WHEN IS YOUR BIRTHDAY???” I’ll just warn you that I am not telling. My birthday could have been yesterday, or it could have been two months ago. Not tellin’. 🤐🤐🤐

I’m super excited to share what I received, so let’s begin! 😀


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April Recap & May Goals + 200+ Follower Q&A

Hello everyone, and Happy May! 😀 look May it’s your month I hope you all had a great spring/Camp NaNoWriMo/NaPoWriMo/April! XD My April went pretty well, and I’m here today to give you an in-depth recap of the month and all of its happenings. 😉

april-recap-graphicI legit had no idea what colors to make for this. It also ended up looking too much like my Epic Return graphic. Oh well. :\ 😛 XD

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Matilda the Musical Photo Dump {pt. 1}

Hello everyone, and welcome to my first post coming back from my hiatus! 😀
Today’s post is another photo dump – this time from photos taken on my trip to see Matilda the Musical! 😀

I’m dividing the complete “photo dump” into three categories – photos from the actual show, photos from a beautiful park we visited, and other “misc” photos. I’ve got a boatload this time, so let’s get started! 😀

But before I begin, I’d just like to point out the bit of “Spring Cleaning” I’ve been doing. I polished up some sidebar graphics, designed a new header, and designed a bunch of new featured images! If you scroll through my old posts, you’ll be able to see them all. 😉 (And as always, feedback is appreciated!)



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Grace’s Epic Return + FOCUS {April Edition} + Book Madness Winner!

. *confetti canons* *crowds cheering* *waves at adoring fans*

Yes, I have finally returned from my trip to see Matilda the Musical! Some of you “heard from me” sooner than others, since I couldn’t bear to leave you guys for too long, but I’m finally back in all of my glory!
For my readers as of April 2017, you know from my last post that I went on a hiatus. I have deleted that post because it was terrible and cringy, so future readers won’t know what I’m talking about. But I have finally returned from my week-long break and am back in full glory!


In today’s post, other than celebrating my return, I’ll be answering the questions to Allie Taylor’s bi-monthly FOCUS link-up, as well as announcing the winners of Book Madness! 😀

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March 2017 Recap & April Goals + Book Madness FINALE

I’m startin’ to get better… 😛

Anyway, happy April! I’m very excited for the coming month – to leave the winter weather behind and soak in the spring, move forward with my writing, complete NaPoWriMo, and watch you campers suffer in agony while I sit back and write a poem and chill.

But this post isn’t about April. Er, not entirely. This post is about March, and a recap of what has happened. 🙂

Shall we begin?

{credit to May for layout inspiration}


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