The Writers Prompt Challenge

Hello, and welcome to The Writer’s Prompt Challenge, hosted by myself and Allie Taylor.

The Writer’s Prompt Challenge is a monthly contest for young writers to get their creativity flowing, hosted by Allie Taylor and myself. Each month, we will post a set of prompts for writers to include in their stories. After all of the stories are submitted, we will judge the entries and choose a winner!

{Winners will receive a “badge” for their blog or for personal use.
To see the past badges, click here}

  1. Entries must be no more than 500 words long.
  2. When you send in your entries, please highlight and bold the prompts you used.
  3. Make sure you clearly state your name, blog (if applicable), and prompts you included in your entry.
  4. Please keep your entries clean and God-honoring. Your entries don’t have to be centered around God, but make sure they are appropriate for all ages.
  5. If you submit your entry through a blog post, be sure to include The Writer’s Prompt Challenge graphic.
  6. And don’t forget to add the button on your sidebar and link back to Allie’s and my’s blog! 😀

* NOTE: Make sure to read the rules carefully each challenge. Allie’s rules differ from mine a bit, so you want to make sure you’re doing everything right. *

  1. Post your entry on your blog. Leave the link in the comments of the most current TWPC challenge.
  2. Send your entry via email. Copy and paste your entry into my contact form or Allie’s email and click submit. (*Allie is completely comfortable with giving out her email, but I am not. Please send your entries to me through my contact form and not directly to my email, if you have it.*)

February 2017:

The Writer’s Prompt Challenge – February 2017  Allie Taylor

March 2017:

The Writer’s Prompt Challenge – March 2017 (Grace Thomas)

April 2017 (CURRENT):